Fell with Rose and GameStop

“I’m not a gambler by nature,” he said, “and this is the money I’ve already written.”

Mr. DeWitt, who lives in Chicago and works for a company that offers worker assistance programs for employers, figures that they can hold onto both companies. GameStop named several new executives who could help inject new life into the company, he said, and AMC could see a boom once more people start to move out of their homes.

“If I don’t like Gametop or AMC,” Mr. DeWitt said, “I wouldn’t find it pleasant.”

By almost any measure, Mr. Doomer, an Indiana teenager, is one of the winners of the Gametop trade. He more than doubled his money, even though he had not made the largest possible payment.

“Do you fish?” He asked, finding a way to explain the experience.

When you are fishing, he said, and you feel a tug on your line, it may be just a bitch or it may be a bite. If you wait to feel a strong tug, you risk losing a fish you didn’t even know existed.

The summit, he said, was such a moment. He thought it was just a small nibble, and decided to wait.

“The fish went away,” he said.

But there are other people to be hooked there, he said. He is already holding shares in a penny stock, Castor Maritime, which is based in Cyprus. This is more than 300 percent so far this year.

What kind of business is the company?

“You know that? I wish I could tell you,” said Mr. Doomer. “I just like numbers.”

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