Gospel of hydrogen power

The introduction of hydrogen vehicles widely used on the East Coast also influenced Mr. Stryski’s talent for invention. On the West Coast, former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who owned one Hydrogen hammerThe regulatory barrier cleared in 2004 with a pen stroke. The former has a series of bureaucrats to navigate. For example, hydrogen is not authorized to travel through bridges and tunnels. “We wouldn’t want to have a vehicle that you could drive in Manhattan,” said Gil Castillo, who monitors the rules at Hyundai Motor North America.

In addition, the gas manufacturer, Air Liquide, has quietly moved to Hempstead, NY and Littleton, Mass. Between built five ready-to-go stations, said David Edwards director David Edwards to deal with state and city officials from the right of the fire party. Hydrogen team for Air Liquid in the United States. “Each locality has its own fire marshal.”

Progress is hampered by the notion that hydrogen explosions are likely to occur, an idea cemented by the burning of Hindenburg in 1937. Recently, when Hydrogen electric truck manufacturer and stock market darling, Nikola hit hydrogen, Claims faced exaggerate their achievements. The charge came from a short-selling firm by the name of Hindenburg Research. The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission have issued subpoenas to Nicola.

Joanne Milliken, director of the New Jersey Fuel Cell Coalition, a volunteer group director, said, “Hydrogen is in some ways safe, having known Mr. Stripey from his time at the Department of Energy. He cited one 2019 study Those who got hydrogen cars from Sandia National Laboratories did not have a greater fire hazard than a conventional vehicle.

Ever since Elon Musk called fuel cells “Stunned dumb, “There has been a fierce rivalry between lithium-ion and hydrogen backers. Cooler heads see a place for each. Electric is suitable for people with a garage who travel a limited distance and can charge overnight. But for long haul trucks, hydrogen does not add weight or reduce cargo space the way batteries do. In addition, the hydrogen tank can be refueled within minutes.

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