How retailers are preparing to avoid becoming Black Friday’s supersiders.

Black Friday has long been the biggest shopping day of the year, with doorbuster deals prompting some die-hard shoppers who camp overnight in front of big-box stores.

But as cases of coronovirus are rising across the country and public health officials beg people to avoid congestion, will stores still try to woo customers? And if they do, will the customer take the bait and show it?

“This year is going to be a Black Friday unlike any other,” said Kelly O’Keefe, managing partner at Brand Federation, a consulting firm. “We are not going to be a Walmart knocking crowd this year. There will be fewer people in the shops and better management of those people. “

What some of the biggest retailers are doing to protect customers on Black Friday this year:

Best Buy said it was selling this year’s new gaming consoles only online, to avoid lines outside stores.

The electronics chain said it would limit the number of customers inside stores to follow social-distilling guidelines, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Best Buy also said that it would consider limiting store hours, reducing occupancy and moving only close pickup service “on a case-by-case basis to help spread local issues.”

All pickup orders will now be curbside, and pickup will be available before and after in-store hours.

The store will require customers and employees to wear face coverings and supply face coverings to customers who do not have one. Best Buy will offer sanitizer wipes near the high-touch display to give customers the option to wipe surfaces before engaging with them.

Walmart Three separate sales put on sale in November, both online and in store.

It is offering customers the option of taking their online Black Friday orders through Walmart’s contactless curbside pickup service.

On Black Friday, Walmart stores will open at 5 am, and customers will be asked to create a single, straight line to enter the stores. Employees will hand out sanitized shopping carts and remind customers to wear masks upon entering the store. Walmart will limit the number of customers in the store to 20 percent capacity and direct customers to shop in the corridors on the right.

aim Each week has expanded its sales offerings throughout November, offering various product categories promotions.

To reduce lines, Target has added a mobile checkout device to help store employees check out anywhere in the store. The company allows guests to see themselves using Target’s mobile app.

Additionally, the company has added thousands of items for a single-day pickup.

Target says it will monitor the number of shoppers to allow people enough space to shop safely, and to allow customers to reserve spots in line outside their local stores.

The home improvement retailer has made the Black Holiday season prices available in the holiday season from November 6 through December, in an effort to reduce congestion. Home depot Stated that this has reduced the number of items displayed in certain areas in shops to create more space for social distance.

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