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But don’t just post about anything – it’s not Facebook or Instagram. “Stick with your area of ​​expertise,” Ms. Vagadia said. “And definitely avoid getting into political or religious debate. This just leads to a muesling contest, and if a recruiter or hiring manager watches, they are about to question your decision. “

Ernest & Young Senior Manager Michael Quinn said, “If you’re looking for a job in a certain company, start an advanced search to find people who have something in common with you in the company, and to them Can reach. ” Which specializes in helping organizations attract talent.

Avoid coming in as a transaction though. “Start by looking at their content and engage based on that,” Mr. Quinn said. “Don’t just message people because you want something.” He suggests sharing a little information about your professional life and commenting on their posts. “If I was looking at your name, and then you sent me a message that said, ‘Congratulations on the new promotion,’ and then you called me on the phone for 15 minutes to know how I am.” So it’s very easy for me to say, ‘Yes, I’ll take that phone call,’ “he explained.” You’re building a relationship. “

In June, LinkedIn introduced a new feature called “Open to Work”, which allows users to display a badge on their profile photo indicating that they are looking for a new job. And According to company data, It can boost your profile. Mr Barnes said, “We have seen that people are 40 percent more likely to receive a message from a recruiter and 20 percent more likely to receive a message from another member if they show they are publicly ‘open to work'”. “Mr. Barnes said. (If you would rather be prudent, members have the option of displaying the badge, so that it is only visible to recruiters outside your company.)

One silver lining of the epidemic is that it has dispelled some awkwardness about losing your job. “This transparency did not really exist before Kovid, and it has now become an important part of our job seeker ecosystem,” Mr. Barnes said.

LinkedIn claims that data Collected in august It has been shown that if users apply for a job posting within the first 10 minutes, they are four times more likely to hear from a hiring or hiring manager – so it helps to be quicker Does. “We recommend setting up job alerts, so that listings that meet your specific criteria are sent to you as soon as you are posted,” Mr. Barnes said.

Meanwhile, the platform allows users to record online practice interviews and evaluate their performance. The tool uses AI-powered feedback to assess how fast you are talking, how often you use filler words (“um” and “like”), and avoid sensitive phrases.

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