MyPillow CEO Stands by Trump

In the days following the Capitol storm, several US companies, including AT&T, Dow, AirBnB and Morgan Stanley, tried to distance themselves from political violence by declaring that Stop paying Service 147 Republican Members of Congress Who objected to certifying the election results on 6 January.

MyPillow, a bed company run by Mike Lindell, an ardent supporter of President Trump, has adopted a different approach.

On Tuesday, MyPillow was offering its customers a discount code: “FightFortrump.” Online shoppers who type in the phrase can get a lower price on the company’s “premium” pillow, “classic” pillow and other products.

The code was available on the day of the siege, when Mr. Lindell appeared at President Trump’s rally in the Ellipse before the crowd headed to the Capitol building. It is not clear whether MyPillow’s “FightFrontump” code was valid before Wednesday.

Mr. Lindell continued to support the protesters, even after Mr. Trump’s violent supporters vandalized the Capitol. Wednesday as a guest on Dakshinpathy cable network, Newsmax Mr. Lindell described “Very peaceful” as the events of the day.

“There was probably some undercover antifa that Trump dressed up as people and did some damage to the windows and got there,” he said. Federal Bureau of Investigation said there is “no signal” In participation of any antifa. In the same interview, Mr. Lindell claimed that “Donald Trump will be our President for the next four years.”

MyPillow is a major supporter of conservative media. According to MediaRadar data, the brand appeared on 16 TV networks from Wednesday to Friday, 44 percent of which was spent on Fox News, Fox Business and Fox Sports. From the day of the Washington riots to Monday, Maypillo spent tens of thousands of dollars in advertising dollars Newsmax, according to estimates from iSpot.TV. According to Nielsen Ed Intel, in the first three quarters of 2020, MyPillow spent more than $ 62 million on television commercials, with nearly 99 percent of it going to cable channels such as Fox News.

MyPillow did not respond to requests for comment.

Even when his company advertised heavily Fox News, M. Lindell criticized the network as Mr. Followed by Trump’s leadership, which led to Joseph R.W. Announced Biden Jr. as President-Elect of November-2017. In a Twitter post on 5 January, Mr. Lindell said that Fox News “keeps on repressing. Proof and election fraud!”

In the days following the siege, Mr. Lindell promoted well-thought-out intrigues on social media, urging fans Deleted Tweets “Keep the faith as evidence of the biggest electoral fraud in history.” He also complained that his followers on Twitter were being counted as platforms. Broke On harmful content and deleted users who expressed support for the principles associated with the Fringe movement QAnon.

In an interview recorded one day after the capital’s storm at Washington’s Trump International Hotel, Mr. Lindell sent mixed messages. He reiterated the false claim that “antifa” was behind the violence and said that one day even President Trump’s detractors would say he had won the 2020 election, while also acknowledging that his candidate would not return to office on January 20 .

On Sundays and Mondays, Mr. Lindell Posted two tweets promoting the false doctrine of the stolen election. Twitter gave the duo a green flag so that they could not be shared, “due to the risk of violence”, the company said in tweet-linked statements.

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