The New York Post shift tone on Trump as a top editor made his own exit plan

Last month the New York Post called President Trump “an invincible hero” who not only survived every dirty trick Democrats threw at him, but also the Chinese virus. It then published a front-page article which stated that it was his father Joseph R. Biden belongs to Junior’s Hunter Biden.

On Thursday, in a sudden about-face, Rupert Murdoch’s husky tabloid published two articles with a wildly different tone. One claimed the president to “make unfounded claims that political enemies were trying to steal the election.” Title on the other described by Donald Trump Jr. as the author of the “panicked tweet”.

What happened?

In short, the chairman appears to be leaving the post – and the post is not about going with him.

With Mr Trump leading up to a possible defeat, tabloid’s top editors told some staff members this week that their coverage is tough, with two Post employees speaking on condition of anonymity to describe internal discussion .

Apart from the change in tone, there will be a change in personnel: Colonel AllenThe Australian tabloid magician, who was once seen in a post newsroom wearing the Make America Great Again cap, would call the end of his career of more than 40 years on Murdoch’s papers in New York and Sydney.

Mr. Allen, who was editor in chief from 2001–16, reissued the paper as a consultant in January 2019 as part of the presidential campaign. Since his return, he has had a strong hand in shaping coverage, many staff members said. He confirmed his planned retirement in an email interview.

“The post is not quite right,” Mr. Allen said. “But this is an idea that is not obedient to liberal conservatives. Therefore it is dangerous. I know where I will not be. “

On Thursday, The Post published two articles on its website in quick succession. there was one Doubtful dispatch In a presidential White House briefing Thursday evening from Washington: “Downcast Trump made baseless electoral fraud claims at White House address,” headlined.

The article did not back down from critical reporting: “President Trump reiterated his unfounded claim that political enemies were trying to steal from him during a briefing on Thursday evening as he implicated his opponent and the rest of the swing states. Joe Biden leaning towards the Presidency. “The print edition of The Post on Friday did not include the full article, but portions calling the president’s claims baseless were intact.

It went online immediately after the post Published an article On its website that targeted Mr Trump’s eldest son, who in a tweet asked the president to “go to a total war in this election”. “Panic-stricken Donald Trump Jr. calls for ‘total war’ in original tweet,” read original title. The story mentions that little Mr. Trump “has a long history of using Twitter to fuel conspiracy theories.” (A later version of the headline removed “Terror-stricken” and the article did not make Friday’s print edition.)

A spokesperson for The Post declined to comment for this article.

Word from the recent Trump coverage of The Post matched the irreverent voice that the paper typically applies to Hollywood celebrities and Democratic politicians. Two employees who spoke on condition of anonymity described instances in the last two days when top editors asked staff members to use rough-and-tumble voices when writing about the president. Encouraged.

Prior to Election Day – as Mr. Allen teamed up with editor-in-chief Stephen Lynch and top digital editor, Michelle Gotthelf – The Post used its sentencing-cut front page to promote the president and bump up his rivals . The headlines included “HIDIN ‘BIDEN” (for an article on Mr. Biden’s campaign strategy) and “SHE’S COUP-COUP” (on Chairman Nancy Pelosi).

Many staff members said that Mr. Allen has more or less run the newsroom since his return. “I have contributed nothing but some minor advice,” Mr. Allen said of his work on the paper’s election coverage.

Over the past year, Mr Allen has teamed up with fellow Australian Miranda Divine, who joined the Post over time for the 2020 campaign. He has been a strong supporter of President Trump and one of Mr. Biden’s militants. He is the one who compared Mr. Trump to “an invincible hero” in the Kovid-19 battle last month. And Ms. Divine described Mr. Biden’s candidacy as “an indictment of the entire Democratic establishment, which conspired to vote America for someone unable to become president.”

Mr Allen said he would split his time between Sydney and New York. Asked if he had put up his last stand, he replied, “Like Cluster!”

In the final stretch of the campaign, she was the driving force behind the reporting of The Post of Digital Data, which The Post said it obtained from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden. The paper’s first major article on discovery was Published on 14 October amid suspicion Staff members post. Its lead author refused to accept a byline for his work on it.

The two main sources are President Trump’s lawyer, Rudolf W. Giuliani and his former mentor Stephen K. Bannon was. The article suggested that Joseph Biden directed US policy in Ukraine when he was vice president to enrich his son, a former board member of Burma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company. Other news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times, examined the laptop content and determined that Joseph Biden had not manipulated US foreign policy to benefit his son.

“All India said,” Trump has supported Trump in a big way because the paper shares his vision for free markets and the opportunity they provide to mobilize all the people, “Mr. Alla said. Said, “We have also been critical of the president, especially his tweet. My personal view is that history will be very kind to Donald Trump.”

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