With economy in ‘Crisis’, Biden is ready to bypass GOP on Stimulus

Washington – President BidenSpent on Shortage january jobs report And Democratic support of his $ 1.9 trillion economic aid proposal said Friday that the economy needed immediate help and that Republicans should either get on board with a strong stimulus package or expect their plan to pass without their support Should do

“I believe the American people are looking for their jobs right now to help our government, not to disappoint them,” Mr. Biden said. “So I’m going to act, and I’m going to act fast.”

His remarks in the White House came hours after the Senate backed the president’s $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package, as well as on party lines, and the unified Republican opposition. Vice President Kamala Harris cast her first tiebreak vote to approve the budget blueprint, 51 to 50, which would allow the proposal to move forward. The House passed a quick hearing on Friday, passing the budget proposals 219 to 209.

The House committee chief and Democratic leaders discussed legislative strategy with the president in the White House on Friday morning. Subsequently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that her goal was to approve a bill and move it to the Senate within two weeks. Representative James E. of South Carolina Clyb whipped a majority, telling reporters that the package “absolutely” had enough Democratic votes to pass the House.

Mr. Biden, emboldened by that support, essentially to date in his most explicit terms by Republicans, suggested either a change in plans that could have earned bipartisan support, or for Democrats willing to bypass them Doing and approving a package that is Is popular with voters.

The president pointed to the report released on Friday morning, saying the economy added only 49,000 jobs in January and just 6,000 in the private sector. labour market Below 10 million jobs remain Its pre-epidemic levels, and many people have been out of work for more than six months.

“If I have to make a choice right now to get the help of Americans who are hurting so badly and get caught up in a long negotiation or compromise on a bill that depends on the crisis, it’s a simple Option. I am going to help the American people who are hurting now, ”Mr. Biden said. “What the Republicans have proposed is either nothing or not enough.”

January’s anemic gains elicited a broad consensus among Democrats and Republicans preventing economic recovery. But they split on whether the president’s pressure for the $ 1.9 trillion setback was the right approach, with Democratic leaders echoing his call for aggressive action and Republicans warning of a budget deficit increase and bipartisan on Mr. Biden Accused of participation.

Republicans and their allies have not yet criticized Mr. Biden’s proposals. Some have argued that the economy is now only beginning to take advantage of the $ 900 billion aid package that Congress approved in December, and that the economy does not need another large dose of stimulus.

Representative, Michael C. Others, such as Burgess, a Republican from Texas, have emphasized the country’s growing debt. Mr. Burgess argued that Mr. Biden’s plan would add “about $ 2 trillion to the deficit”, before listing a series of complaints about the package, including that it would send the money to the states where it budgeted its budget. Was accused of misuse.

But the main argument Republicans have lodged against the effort is that by not attracting Republican support, Mr. Biden is breaking through his own campaign calls to bring people together across party lines.

Senator Charles E. of Iowa, the top Republican of the Finance Committee. Grassley said on Friday, “After all the talks of unity, President Biden and the Congressional Democrats took the partisan path right out of the gate.”

Mr Biden and his colleagues dismissed the criticism, stating that “unity” referred to bringing the voting public together, not members of Congress.

White House press secretary Jane Saki showed bipartisan support among the American electorate for the plan, saying, “The president is engaged in unifying the country and putting forth ideas that will help counter the crisis.” “He did not live up to the promise of uniting the Democratic and Republican parties into one party in Washington.”

Ms. Pasaki said, “There is a lot of support from the American public in this package.” “This is something that people want. They want to see it passed. They want this investigation to be done in communities. They want this funding to go to schools. They want more funding for vaccine distribution. “

Nevertheless, Mr. Biden offered the chance that Republicans would come on board and allow for the possibility that his plan might change slightly to appeal to moderates in both parties. It also included accepting that he favored parochialism, which received $ 1,400 direct payments, included in the offer to ensure that those earning more than $ 300,000 did not benefit. He did not specify what threshold he would accept for phasing the check, but made it clear that the starting amount would not change.

“I’m not cutting the size of the check,” he said. “They’re going for $ 1,400, period. That’s what the American people were promised.”

The Senate on Thursday voted 99 to 1 to prohibit direct payments from moving to higher incomes, although it did not specify that the income level was too high.

Democrats are swiftly moving to pass Mr. Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” – which includes funding to fight the epidemic and many extensions of Social Security – through Congress with limited changes. A Quinnipiac University Election this week Nearly seven out of 10 voters supported Mr. Biden’s plan, voting another one Released this week, By the liberal group Protect Our Care, found that nearly three-quarters of voters supported the plan, after describing its provisions, including half of Republican respondents.

Biden administration officials continued their push to build support for the plan. The fund’s secretaries, Ms. Harris and Janet L. Yellen, met with members of the Black Chambers of Commerce across the country on Friday to discuss the plan.

Ms. Yellen focused on the disgruntled impact that coronovirus and its economic toll had on black people, Latino and others of color, saying the president was trying to reduce those disparities through a strong aid package Wanted

“African-Americans lost their small businesses. They were the first to lose their jobs. And we have seen early figures that suggest the final reintegration of black workers will take place when the economy opens back,” said Ms. Yellen . “That’s why the US rescue plan is badly needed: to ensure that this epidemic is not another generational blow to racial equality.”

While Congressional Democrats remain largely united on the need to pass Mr. Biden’s resolutions, they remain divided on a few key details.

House Democratic leaders, who met with Mr. Biden on Friday, said they were pressured by their rank and file to oppose attempts to refund the payment, which, with $ 600 approved in December, add up to a $ 2,000 check. The Democrats campaigned last month to win the Senate runoff election in Georgia.

At least one Republican is also insisting on maintaining an income threshold, with payments starting to run out of $ 75,000 for individuals, as Mr. Biden initially proposed. Representative David B. of West Virginia. McKinley joined Delaware Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester on Friday. To push peers Not limiting eligibility for payment.

“Today’s frail jobs report describes how American families are struggling and needs immediate relief,” Mr McKinley said in a post on the medium. “By providing the third round of personal relief, millions of American families will receive their assistance.”

Democrats, including Mr. Biden and his aides, also called for job numbers to act on the proposal.

“We face the biggest crisis in our lifetime. Americans are counting on us, “Representative Joseph D. Morel, a New York Democrat, said on the floor of the House as he urged his allies to vote for the budget proposal.

Mr. Morel insists on virus deaths Killed more than 450,000 Americans. “This is the family of all political perceptions that are struggling,” he said.

Senate budget proposals that pave the way for party-line approval of the stimulus bill passed after an all-night series of votes on the amendment, many of which aim to boost Mr. Biden’s ability to pursue the $ 1.9 trillion proposal Had to limit to. One such effort succeeded: Overnight, Senate agreed to a proposal Senator Joni Ernst, Republican of Iowa, to prohibit any minimum wage increase during the epidemic.

Mr. Biden’s plan calls for raising the federal minimum wage to $ 15 per hour by 2025.

Democrats did not contest Ms. Ernst’s proposal – which passed on a voice vote without any record of those in support and those opposed – arguing that it was never their purpose to immediately raise salaries. But his urge to officially register a vote on the matter was a sign that the pay hike might eventually result in a lack of support to pass in an equally divided Senate, where at least one Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, holds the record in opposition.

The pay proposal may also conflict with a Senate lawmaker passing muster, which could rule that there are archaic rules of the budget reconciliation process that Democrats are using to pass their bill, as Republicans Did with tax cuts in 2017.

Ms. Pelosi told reporters on Friday that she was not sure that the $ 15 would become law as part of the minimum wage plan. “We just don’t know,” he said.

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