‘A Week Away’ Review: Summer of Salvation

Every summer, Christian teens from Roman White’s hokey musical “A Week Away,” Streaming on netflix, Gentile Flirting for Camp Away, the Amy Grant ballad and the Warrior Games, a multi-tiered Olympiad of Tug of War, dog ball, and hula-hooping, overshadowed by a talent show. But this year, High Junkes is interrupted by an orphan named Will (Kevin Quinn) – a disgusting car thief who has a terrible addiction to hair gel – in the haste of the camp owner’s daughter Avery (Bailey Madison) Is looking for redemption. As his crush, along with his geeky bunkmate (a delightful Jahbril Cook), work to save the soul of the hip outsider, Will helps both take down the Warrior Games’ victorious Sean (Ian Taser) , Which seems to be mostly villainy. The script is desperate for an onslaught of conflict. (Sean’s other passions include rapping and saving Narhal.)

It is a streamlined, transparent and child-friendly film as a section of Jell-O Salad, and is so keenly curious that it does not engage with its religious themes, as they have a grape-like narrative hovering over the lyrics of the song. . Earlier camp flicks may have shocked generations of fans to watch the swimming scenes – historically an excuse for close-ups of bikinis and abs – here wearing modest wet t-shirts and shorts. Only when “A Week Away” pokes fun at his own innocence, it’s a place of great laughter. Watching the game of war, the owner of the camp, played by comedian David Koechner, took out the costume as Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore from “Apocalypse Now”, which advises paintball fighters to watch a six. At this, youth leader Kristin (Sherry Shepherd) panics. “Not your 666!” she shouted. “I still don’t know what the ‘apocalypse is”. “

A week away
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 34 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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