‘After Albert Lima’s murder’ review: Justice his way

How far will you go for justice? For Florida native Paul Lima, the answer is Honduras and back.

In February 2000, Lima’s father, lawyer and businessman Albert Lima, traveled to the small Honduran island weep to settle a debt. He never returned. A decade ago, Albert loaned his friend’s father, Martin Coleman, $ 84,000 for the family’s bakery. But when Coleman’s father died and his brothers started managing the bakery, regular loan payments were discontinued. When Albert went to the island to take control of the business, Martin’s two brothers – Byron and Oral – were beaten badly, then shot him. In later years, one of Albert’s killers remained independent, prompting his son to take action.

Paul decides to travel to Rawton with two bounty hunters: Art Torres and Jorah Korhonen – to arrest Oral. But his mission is far from easy. Directed by Aengus James and Streaming on crackle, “After the Assassination of Albert Lima”, is a darkly comical true-crime documentary where the most exciting elements for the play are the main subject’s excesses.

Paul’s plan to arrest Oral is largely unqualified. Paul wants to drug the bounty hunters and kidnap Oral while armed guards repeatedly surround the bar. They arrive for missions without weapons, handcuffs or duct tape. For five days they use inconsistent camera pens while James captures the guerrilla filmmaking not only to gather evidence but also the action. But Paul’s compulsive desire often pushes him to put himself and his bounty hunter at risk.

When director Adam Sombourne matches the score to fit the perimeter of the trio, it lends an artificiality to his actual efforts. This is not nearly as fulfilling as Paul’s arduous journey to a close as Catherine’s ending to the film is. And in search of entertainment value, this documentary loses sight of real grief and a devastated son would be hurt.

After the assassination of Albert Lima
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes. Look at the crackle.

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