‘Black Beauty’ Review: A Melodrama in Now of Ruffer Age

Written in 1877, Ana Sewell’s classic children’s novel “Black Beauty” warned against mistreatment of horses. Ancient adaptation Streaming on disney + There is a melodrama in need of thicker edges. Directed by Ashley Avis (a former contestant on horseback), the film is set in the present-day United States and features two female protagonists: the raging Mustang Black Beauty (voiced by Kate Winslet) and the recently orphaned Joe (McKenzie Foe), his uncle. While with John (Ian Glenn), Burtwick was training horses at Stables.

Angry in the world, Joy softens after meeting Beauty, a family without even a sense of pity. Upon grazing kissed in the sunlight of the field, the woman and the horse heal each other, until a fire destroys the stables at Birtwick. Struggling financially, John hired Winthrops, a wealthy equestrian family, as a show horse for his spoiled daughter Georgina (Fern Deacon). Joey expresses his disgust for Georgina’s beauty – the brat pierces the horse – yet Joey still falls for Georgina’s imaginary older brother, George (Callum Lynch). Eventually, Birtwick sold the beauty from under Jo. Beauty, now forced to work for the new owners, ends the difficulties: he displays the gruesome remnants of lost hikers and later carts through Central Park.

Although Winslet is the marquee name in the cast list, “Black Beauty” refers to Joett, not as a horse story. Unfortunately, even the character’s grief is underscored as she pines for one day’s teen romance and a reunion with her tenacious horse instead of recounting the death of her parents . Avis loses the novel’s sincerity by ditching Sewell’s animal welfare petition. In this update, humans are not that much villain. Beauty is not as prominent. And the mast soul of the novel falls short in a ho-hum horse movie.

Shyamal Sundari
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour and 49 minutes. Watch on disney +.

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