Chadwick Boseman leads for Best-Actor Oscar

This year’s Oscar race is tougher and tougher than ever: amid the ongoing epidemic, the ceremony has been pushed back to April 25 (with films scheduled to release through Feb. 28), and pomp, parties and peanuts. Normal circuits have all but evaporated, except for a series of buzzless screening links in its wake.

Still, there is at least one top class where I feel comfortable anointing the front-runner: in the crowdfunding best-actor race, Chadwick Boseman for his exceptional work in “Ma Rainey Black Black” Edge. Handed this prime opportunity to recognize the late superstar, Oscar voters certainly will not fail to seize it.

Still, don’t expect a final five that is simply filled with a Bosman and four pushovers. This year, category one may be one to remember, as Oscar’s faces are largely angered by up-and-comers to see their first nomination.

Who are likely to break through those names? Here are my guesses.

Ahmed has a sensitive supporting role in films such as “Nightcrawler” and “The Sisters Brothers”, but his lead role “Sound of metal” There is a step beyond this: As a drummer with substance abuse issues who cannot accept his sudden hearing loss, Ahmed is simply disintegrating. recently Gotham award Bosman suggests he got the goods to earn his first Oscar nomination; Let’s hope the voters also include his amazing co-star Paul Rechey, so impresses Ahmed as the leader of the recovery group.

While this civil-rights-era drama (due to Friday from Amazon) gives equal weight to its four-man, Ben-Edir (playing Malcolm X) and Eli Gore (Muhammad Ali) to play streaming service awards The lead stars the actors, while Leslie Odom Jr. (Sam Cook) and Aldis Hodge (Jim Brown) are in the supporting categories to score a run. It’s a risky tactic, but Ben-Adir feels like a potential best actor breakout: the British up-and-comer has an intimate look at Malcolm X that makes this icon feel gratifyingly human.

Although Bosman’s death created urgency to honor him, his job in this is August Wilson Adaptation No matter what Oscar will get noticed: he is simply tremendous in a bold and edgy role that takes away from his stunning performance in “Black Panther”. A posthumous Oscar victory is difficult, but Bosman recalled Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”, which turned into one of his most acclaimed performances at the end of his very short career.

Together Borat’s nose for crashed parties, A dark horse like Baron Cohen is not to be counted, especially since the first “Borat” earned the writer-actor a Golden Globe victory and an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. The duo are playing too much again this time, though Baron Cohen, in any of the best actor roles, could be cast in his much-nominated role as a supporting actor to play the role of Abby Hoffman. “Chicago Trial 7.”

A supporting-actor nomination last year for “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” broke an almost two-decade Oscar drought for the Hanks, whose recent performances have often been allowed. If voters default to the big names this year, Hanks would have a fair shot, but his role as a Civil War veteran “News of the world” Is horribly muted and liable to be lost in a sea of ​​attractive contenders.

To miss an nomination for Hopkins would be to do things terribly wrong: as a mentor, who starts losing his place in the world due to dementia, Hopkins Changes at the end of a career. (The film is scheduled to take place on February 26.) This good deed doesn’t happen too often for the 83-year-old actor, and in any other year, the sense of timing has guaranteed Hopkins his second Oscar. But will voters ignore their only real opportunity to award this year’s Bosman?

Lindo Quite compelling as a Vietnam War veteran Play spike lee, And the nominee 68-year-old has been the beneficiary of a major critical push, earning the Best Actor Award New York Film Critics Circle And National Society of Film Critics. Since he is the only contender on this list to pull off a summer film, those relentless laurels will help keep him front of mind during the Oscar season that is going to pull out for a few more months.

courage “Munk” This year “Once Upon a Time … in the Hollywood” is an expensive period film about the film industry that earns a lot of nominations but has trouble turning them into wins? Oldman Oldman at the Oscars certainly performs the kind of performance that voters are reluctant to do: every single line of his reading is delivered in a voice that is like a screen door, filled with Big Choice it occurs. Nevertheless, the voters whom I have talked to respect the film, they like it more.

The late-coming drama about the assassination of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton will rejoin the supporting actor race, as Daniel Kaluya’s bravura performance is front-runner fire at Hampton. ()film February 12.) What does this mean for the film’s actual lead, Stanfield, who infiltrates Hampton’s inner circle, playing the role of an informant FBI informant? If the film connects, the talented actor may be thrown into it; While his character’s inspirations are slightly stilted, Stanfield still delivers from scene to scene.

Washington may have better luck with their turn-a-up-11-11 performance, after landing out of the best-actor final five during the Oscar run. “Malcolm and Mary” (Feb. 5), a quarantine-shot two-handed one in which he plays an obnoxious high-on-his-supply filmmaker who jams his girlfriend (Zendaya) for an hour and 45 minutes. This is certainly the best, most spectacular performance on this list, although voters may sympathize more with Zendaya as she weaves her peers.

Like this The Oscars deserve attention for their performance in 2018 “burning,” But voters will soon get a chance to make it. In acclaimed “Minari” (Due February 12), Yun plays the role of an immigrant father who takes his family to Arkansas to start a ranch, and as you play the scene with little dialogue, you still feel his pride and disappointment. Let’s feel it. But in a group of thundering monologists, what could be a performance like breaking through yoon? Even the indie-leaning Gotham Awards won him a nomination, and his Oscar competition would still be tough.

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