In this year’s Golden Globes, you (didn’t) have to

With him 2021 Golden Globe Awards, Now there is another way in which stars are just like us. They too, sit at home, drink through teleconferences and suffer technical glitches.

Laura Dern announced shortly thereafter Daniel Kaluia As the best motion-picture supporting actor, the first winner of the night appeared on screen and began speaking. But his voice was missing. The producers cut off and Dern apologized. At the last second, Kalua asked again, excitedly saying, “You’re making me dirty!” Is it “

The black winner of the first prize, unknowingly, faced two challenges of these bizarre, disturbing globes: the production issues of putting on the show amid a deadly epidemic, and the lack of black cast between nominees and black people Journalist of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the fall awarding organization.

The Globes handled Clunkley at first but with occasional charm. It handled the second incomplete and even more awkwardly.

The disparity began before the awards. I! And NBC held “red carpet” pre-shows, none of which Red carpet. Scratch that – there was In college Red Carpet, with Sasha of celebrities replaced by a quiet Beverly Hilton host doing remote interviews.

In a striking metallic dress, finest director nomini Regina King joined her dog, which lay on a canine bed behind her. The shelves of the stars were arranged artistically, their backgrounds soothingly blurred. It was made for a preview Room rater As much as the fashion police.

Show kicked off with co-hosts proper Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, From 2013 to 2015 who made hosting the Globe easy, bringing an easy synergy, snark and making them happy together at each event.

The key word “together”. This time they were socially divided into a full continent, Fay in New York, Poehler in Los Angeles, split-screened together, as they played from the small crowd of masked essential workers. His routine peaked awkwardly – Faye rushed to stroke Poehler’s hair as someone else’s hand at the Hilton finished the job.

Their long-distance pairing was surprisingly tight, if not particularly biting. (He paid little attention to the diversity problem of HFPA, how much work we did on TV and film this year.

There were some benefits to the virtual gallery of stars. No one had to spend any awkward time navigating from the back of a ballroom to the podium. It was fascinating to see Jason Sudikis rocking a tie-dye hoodie, and the winners shared the moment with their children instead of telling a good night from the stage.

Acknowledged as the best actress in a TV musical or comedy for “Shits Creek,” Catherine O’Hara pretended to be interrupted by a phone from play-off music. In some in-person segments, Maya Rudolph and Kennon Thompson imitated an off-the-rail in-person acceptance speech. Tearful acceptance from and Chadwick Boseman His widow, Taylor Simone Ledward, would be memorable in any given year.

But like many of our mediation experiences over the past year, Night begging to be rated on a curve. It was fun more often in a “good for them to give a shot”. (Sketches with medical professionals giving telehealth advice to celebrities? We’ve already asked a lot of essential activists this year.)

With living-room champagne, teleconferencing is still teleconferencing. We have spent a year staring at celebrities on screen. Spending a night watching them stare at each other, in a pre-business multiscreen hangout, is not a very spectacular getaway. We get enough dissatisfied Zooms at work and school. (I wish we could not play them for a long time.)

There was only so much the Globe could do about global conditions. How he addressed the local situation that the HFPA has only one case to convict itself.

The Globe, usually hailed as a harmless, messy goofy, was serious news this year for all the wrong reasons. In addition to diversity, recently Los Angeles Times Investigations The HFPA found practices that smelled of corruption, with members accepting a five-star hotel visit the set of “Emily in Paris”.

The association acknowledged the racial issue in a statement, we made a statement working from the stage. It addressed self-dealing fees.

The reason the Globs persist is that they have become a valuable TV show with an army of celebrities for NBC under one roof with a cork-popping social lubricant. This year’s show featured what the globe is when you move: not much.

It is anyone’s guess as to whether the HFPA will be any healthier in a year. Hopefully the world will happen. For now, we were all reminded of the connection when producer Norman Lear accepted the Carol Burnett Award from the secluded room, giving away his secret to longevity: “I have never been alone. I never laughed alone. “

Relationships with other people, he reminded us, are the best medicine. Which was just one reason that this unmodified version of a generally careless production felt like it was ill.

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