Israel Horowitz, playwright stigmatized allegations of misconduct, died at age 81

Decades ago, in 1993, the Boston newspaper’s weekly newspaper reported that women at the Gloucester Stage Company had accused Mr. Horowitz of sexual misconduct, but nothing was done. After The Times article surfaced – one of several such articles about leading men that helped to propel the #metoo movement – the Gloucester Stage severed its ties with him.

Mr. Horowitz, responding to the accusations, told The Times that while he had “a distinct memory of some of these events, I sincerely apologize to any woman who has ever done her actions and to her family and friends Compromise. Those who put their trust in me. “

“It’s very disturbing to hear that I ached,” he said, “as if the idea that I could cross a line with someone who considered me a patron.”

Israel Arthur Horowitz was born on March 31, 1939 in Wakefield, Mass. His father, Julius, was a truck driver who became a lawyer when he was 50; His mother, Hazel Rose (Solberg) Horowitz, was a trained nurse and housewife.

Mr. Horowitz traced his stage career to 13 writing a novel.

“It was praised for being a wonderful childhood quality, but it was rejected in the letter that my mother saved,” he said Entertainment website told in 2014. “So I wrote a play, when I was 17 years old. Nobody said it was a good drama, but everyone said, ‘This is a play, and I thought, so that’s who I am: I I am a playwright. “

He planned to become an English teacher at Salem Teachers College in Massachusetts in the late 1950s, but quit playing writing, supporting himself as a taxi driver and stagehand. (Years later he earned a master’s degree in English literature at the City University of New York.) In 1962, a fellowship took him to London to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and was a playwright for the 1964–65 season. Residence at the Royal Shakespeare Theater and Aldwych Theater in England.

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