Jack Snyder’s Rough and Tumble Ride with ‘Justice League’

I appreciate it, I really do. If it had not been for HBO Max, the film would not have existed; I am forever grateful to him. And the viewing experience is still at high quality. It really depends on your TV. It is in the same aspect ratio as it is “The first cow.” I think those two films share some common DNA. [Laughs.] I really loved the “first cow”. I’d love that in a double feature, a Snyder cut of “First Cow” and “Justice League”.

Do you see DC heroes on a grand level, like the characters of Wagner or “Lord of the Rings”?

It is clear that I take these characters and their mythology seriously. I want them to be fully realized as characters, who exist in that world. I don’t think it’s fun at their expense. And there was a vision that we had, an entire universe, completely outside, that we really wanted to take all the way.

Was it to draw a deliberate contrast with what Marvel is doing in its films?

I knew it before “BVS”, when we made “Man of Steel”. Marvel is doing something else. He is doing this popular action-comedy Dil Se, at the highest level. And they have done so. Attempting to imitate is insane because they are so good at it. DC had mythology on an epic level, and we were about to take them on this amazing journey. To be honest, I was only saying this.

Your “Justice League” release brings back some painful memories, but aren’t you affecting it in the slightest?

Only in the sense that it is three years later, and here I am releasing a four-hour version of the film. This really shows that the consumer is not wrong in many ways. “They can’t handle anything more than two hours, they’re losing their minds.” He was underestimated by the audience himself.

How long did you want a dramatic cut of the “Justice League”?

My point of view is that the film should be about 20 minutes long each time. “BVS” should be 20 minutes longer than “Man of Steel”, and “Justice League” should be about 20 minutes longer than “BVS”. I felt that the film should be close to three hours before it started. I know that it is enjoyment. The truth is that there are about 10 Snyder cuts – a longer version than the four-hour version. There is a three-hour version. Two hours and 20. I think I showed the studio two hours and 40 minutes. And then I showed them the cuts after two hours and 30 minutes, and two hours and 28 minutes and two hours and 22 minutes.

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