Johnny Depp launched a case against the court in newspapers that called him a ‘wife beater’.

The judge agreed with most of that character-portrayal, repeatedly exposing Mr. Depp’s jealousy and saying that his drug use eroded his memory.

During the trial, Mr Depp’s team said that Ms. Hurd was indeed abusive, instigating arguments and, in one case in an argument in Australia, snapped her fingers, throwing a vodka bottle at her. Ms. Hurd testified that Mr. Depp had broken his fingers in an argument, breaking a phone next to his head.

In his ruling, the judge devoted 17 pages to discuss that fight. He said that after the injury, Mr. Depp accepted his own blood-painting graffiti on the walls of a house the couple were renting when he was shooting a “Pirates of the Caribbean” film . The judge wrote, “This is a sign of the depth of his anger.

“Whether exactly the cause of the injury is uncertain,” he said, but added, “It may well be that Mr. Depp accidentally cut his finger on a piece of broken glass.”

Mr. Depp’s team portrayed the allegations as a hoax that Ms. Hurd created in the event of a breakdown of the marriage as an insurance policy. Justice Nicole wrote in his judgment, “He was, according to this scenario, nothing more than a gold digger.” “I have not accepted this characterization of Ms. Da,” she said, adding that she claimed to have donated all of her $ 7 million divorce settlement.

The judge said, “His donation is hardly expected of any gold digger.”

Ms Hurd admitted that Mr Depp was killed once, but the court said she was trying to protect her sister, who she thought was the actor pushing some stairs down. “I’ll never forget this, because it was the first time after all these years that I really hit her back,” Ms. Hurd said.

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