‘Kill it and leave this town’ review: Grotesque, Blake and Endless

Polish artist Marius Wilczynski’s first film, “Kill It and Leave This Town”, is difficult to describe, as the animated feature – plot, sad and real – is a direct translation of emotions and sensations compared to the traditional work of storytelling.

really do Nothing Traditional about “Kill It”, in which the filmmaker demonstrates his grief, mortality and isolation in his proletarian industrial city. The Grimm film feels excavated from the subconscious: the style of rough illustration, with its frenzied, stray lines, emphasizes the fading of images.

The first third part of the film is particularly brutal. A child was needlessly berated by his mother; The flies flew through the flypiper; A dying woman in a hospital bed said, “I’m here alone, alone like an owl,” as her son, an analogue of the filmmaker brushes him mercilessly: Wilczynski feigns obscenity , But it is, by nature, hard to digest.

The film has potential for beauty – scenes of snowfall and rain and light streaming from buildings reveal an elegance that he works hard on negatively. He instead we see a nurse carefully maneuvering a stranded thread through a needle to stitch the fabric, but the belly and genitalia of an old woman’s corpse, while beheaded and taken to the streets and Humans defecate sideways.

Tadusse Nalpepa’s surprisingly energetic rock-heavy score, however, is a satisfying companion to the film’s rapid shift in scale and perspective.

After a while, Wilkinski grows tired of his violent approach, and although the film maintains its dreaminess, his images soften, but a sense of reverence defies resolution.

Because “Kill It” is more than an emotional experience, it is long and taxing. Wilczynski might consider “hitting” a success – but I don’t want to encounter it again.

Kill it and leave this city
Not rated. In Polish, with subtitles. Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes. See Through Virtual cinema.

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