Meet Maria Baklova, the breakout star of the ‘Borat’ sequel

True Baron Could Be Cohen’s Star “Borat Upward Movementmill, But it is Maria Baklova, who emerged as its protagonist.

In this raucous prank comedy, now streaming on Amazon, Bacalova plays the role of Tuner Sagdyayev, portrayed by Baron Cohen, the 15-year-old daughter of the titan Kazakh journalist. Standing in a barn and starring by his oblivious father, Tutar figures out a way to go with Borat in his latest trip to the United States, fodder and co-conspirator in his father’s plans to deliver his father Mike Pence. Both became.

Through many strange encounters with many strange marks – Including Rudolf W. Now a notorious interview with Giuliani – Tutar discovers his self-worth, paying attention to the quiet (and sometimes not-so-quiet) misunderstandings around him.

This is a successful performance for a 24-year-old Bulgarian actress Baklova, whose previous film and television work (including the Italian TV crime drama) “Gomorrah”) Was yet to bring her such acclaim as playing a role of a naive teenager who is unaware that women can read, drive, or masturbate.

Bakoulova told Tuesday in a Zoom conversation that she sees the “Borat” sequel as a story of Tutar’s education and liberation. “It’s a film about how a girl can and should grow up,” she said, speaking from Los Angeles, where she currently lives. “People can’t treat you the same way because you’re a woman and what kind of choices you have.”

For Bucklow, a lead role in a major American film is also a satisfying opportunity to honor his home country.

She said, “For people like us, things like Bulgarian are not happening.” “Most of the time, eventually a film has a small, small extra part, two or three lines like a prostitute or mafia man. I would be really grateful to play a strong and complex character, to give this stage to an Eastern European, which is not just a thing. “

Bacalova further talked about the creation of the “Borat Subwendant Movimilm”, his work with Baron Cohen, and his highly scrutinized scenes with Giuliani. These are parts of that conversation.

How was your upbringing in Bulgaria? How did you come to the show?

I started singing from the age of 5 or 6 and then I started flute lessons. But at some point, I wanted to explore more. I wanted to escape from reality. Because in acting, you can become anyone. You can do anything You can live on mars I was really inspired by Scandinavian cinema and the Dogme 95 movement, and actresses like Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman – how strong they can be and the important stories they can tell.

Have you ever been a clown or practical clown?

actually no. I was a super-disciplined child. I was reading a lot of books. I was fond of Dostoevsky, like 15, 16. When the first “Borut” film was released [in 2006], I was 10 years old, so I had never seen them before they parted me. But even if I had, I am not sure.

How did you get cast in the sequel?

I heard from a friend that there was an open call for the lead role in a Hollywood film. And I was like, this is not possible. We are Bulgarian. In fact no one can see us in the lead roles. I sent self-taps, then they called me for a screen test in London. But this project was so secret, I was like, is it really a project? I was sure it would become a human trafficking situation. Little did I know that I was going to meet Sacha – it was a surprise.

How did you prepare with him in London?

There were three days of screen tests. The first one, we had a small rehearsal; The second one, we started working with real people. They believed that We are doing The real people, that we are not actors, have to work for the film. We had to stay undercover.

So this is you and Sacha playing tutor and borat together. Who were you working against and how did you choose them?

It was in a house and a super-sweet, good old couple from England. And we went over them in our crazy way. I’m not quite sure I know exactly how they did it. At the same time, let’s not break the idea of ​​how magic is happening. True is the person who knows how this whole machine is running.

When you started making films, how did Sacha describe Tutar’s character?

Sacha explained that Tutar should be as mad as Borat, perhaps even mad. He must be completely disoriented – what is right, what is wrong – and through this journey, he must learn how to be a normal human being. It is a satirical film, it is over the top, but it made me think of me what it would be like, living this life, even if it was fake. It would be like this, would you be happy if you behaved this way – if the whole purpose of your life was to get married and stay in a cage?

And how would his viewpoint be distorted by a sexist manual that misinforms him about his body?

The manual is a metaphor for how society and patriarchy are asking us to behave and what people are expecting. Should I be ashamed that I had menstruation? Should I feel ashamed that I have body hair? Should I feel ashamed that I am a woman? Tutar has believed this from the beginning and Sakha wants to show that in 2020, this is a moment when people should start treating each other equally.

When we first met Tutar, he is in a very humiliated state. How did you adopt those scenes?

It is something like hypnosis. You’re just going for it. We actually decided that I would grow my real body hair. La is hot almost all the time. Whenever I am wearing a dress or top, you can see my armpits and leg hair. It was kind of gross. My facial hair never grows. I tried my best But my eyebrows are never coming out. Part of the face is due to my makeup artist Katie Frye, but everything else is completely natural. It was very interesting when I was finally shaved – I was able to feel the wind on my arms and legs.

Has there ever been a time when it was difficult for you to be in character?

When Sacha starts talking, and you are right next to him, he has this super serious face. I have to act like this is the most common thing ever. But he is very funny. There were moments when the scene was very funny and you just can’t stop laughing. This is bad, because people were able to feel that this was a joke. He taught me a trick to cross my fingers, pressurize my fingers, stop laughing.

Were there any marks you sympathized with? Janice JonesThe woman hired as the tutor’s babysitter, was kind to you – did you think you were cheating on her?

We probably spent five, six hours with the genus and he is the person you see onscreen. He is just incredible. She is not an actress – she just wanted to help the tutor and appreciate herself for the tutor, follow her dreams and educate herself. We need people like the genus. It is an innings.

Has there ever been a time when you felt that you were in physical danger?

True, he is my non-father and he will be like that forever. So I trusted him from the beginning and I knew that he would never put me in a dangerous situation. At the same time, we had a security team that was able to rescue us in an instant. Perhaps the scene when we were at the hotel and Rudy Giuliani called the police, I was afraid something would happen. But fortunately, we survived.

Do you know who Giuliani was before recording your interview with him?

I knew who he was, because 9/11 is something everyone should know. It is one of the most difficult moments in recent history. But I am not American, I do not get into American politics. I do not think I am aware of the state of America and its political system. Sacha has been living here for a long time. I believe in him

How did you and Sacha prepare to shoot that scene?

We are talking a lot about different scenarios. How should I work this way or this way? What should I do? What is smart But in all the scenarios, I believed that Sacha would save me and he would save the scene, so it would not be a disaster. He is my guardian angel.

Were you still nervous about filming it?

Yes. I was nervous. My heart was racing. But the truth was like this, you should be upset in this situation. So use your veins. Change them and accept them and they are going to help you with everything.

Giuliani has said He was never inappropriate for you and was tucking into his shirt, but other viewers believe he was doing something illegal. What happened in that scene?

[Laughs] I saw everything you saw. If you watched the film, this is our message. We want everyone to see the film and judge for themselves.

But did you yourself come to the conclusion what he was doing?

I believe it’s my back [to the camera] There, we can see what he is doing in the mirror.

What do you think was happening? You are the only other person who was in the room. Did you have any other clue what he was doing?

[Long pause] What is the plan you Think what he was doing?

I can see that either interpretation may be correct. But I was not there, and you were. Do you have any opinion

Sacha quickly jumped into the room, as she worried about me. So, if he was late, I don’t know how things would go. But he arrived early.

Does Giuliani think Tutar was 15 when he agreed to do the interview.

I am not the person who is actually booking these people, so when we arrive at the scene, I am merely presenting the scene, without introducing myself. I’m not sure what he knows or doesn’t know.

Giuliani has been widely mocked and criticized for cheating on you and the “Borat” filmmakers. Do you feel bad for him?

Such films are showing the true colors of people. It is going to show the true colors of the genus. It’s going to show the real character [Judith Dim Evans]Woman in the synagogue. This is going to show the real character of Rudy. You are responsible for your own decisions. So, no, I don’t mind.

What have you learned about Americans, living among them after the film’s release?

I was very happy to see how happy people were over the weekend [following the presidential election]. Because in my country, there have been year after year through different systems, when people did not have the right to vote. Now seeing that people are actually voting, and all the streets were people Celebrating and crying and dancing And singing. This was probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. It was truly inspiring, seeing that for the first time in history, as a female vice president. Just like the women in the film can do anything. And sometimes we can do it better.

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