‘Minari’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“Hi, my name is Lee Issak Chung. And I am the writer director of “Minari”. So this is a scene that takes place at the beginning of the film as the family draws on a stretch of land, and they find the trailer sitting at home. The first person we see getting out of the vehicle is Steven Yeun, who plays Jacob. And I filmed that a man wants to arouse the feeling of getting off his horse. We are seeing that the station wagon was played by Han Yeri from Monica and then has two children coming from the back of the station wagon. It stars Noel Kate Cho as Alan and Alan Kim as David. So we start the scene with three different approaches. The unique challenge of this scene was, beginning with the father, beginning with the mother and then you see the children’s point of view. And each of them has a very different take on this new place. Jacob sees this as a place of opportunity. You know, he looks at the ground. She is thrilled with this new promise. Monica sees something she didn’t sign up for. She did not know that she had to come here. She sees a house without stairs, a house in the middle of nowhere. And children, they are just having fun. They see a house on wheels. So this was my way of trying to start the film with three different unique approaches. And for me, this is the only family. A family has different perspectives. And somehow, they got together very funny. Once we landed in the field, we were all very beautiful in such a way that everyone would get close to this new land. Jacob sees this for all his magic, and he is very excited. Steven was so good at showing his point of view how much he loves the place, how much potential he sees in it, you know. When I was writing this scene, all I loved was that Jacob bends over, digs his hands into the dirt, and says, look at the color. And that was a moment that came to me as I was writing this screenplay. And I felt this happiness for him. I also felt deep sympathy for him. The direction I gave while playing the character of Monica, I basically told her most of the time, not to communicate what she has to give. Everything he has to tell has to be from his form, his expressions, his expressions. And I told him everything he needed to be very subtle. “” The Garden of Eden is big. “” With two children, I just told them to go out and have fun. We didn’t want what they were doing to feel staged, but always felt like we Capturing them as children. “

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