‘My Rembrandt’ review: seeing a Dutch master everywhere

For documentary “My Rembrand,” Director Ok Hoogendijek has an assortment of Rembrandt owners and experts, whose interests of the Dutch master have fainted for different reasons.

In Scotland the Duke of Buccleuch talks about the theme of “Old Woman’s Reading” (1655) as if he were alive (“he is the most powerful presence in this house”) and the ideal viewing angles and lighting for the painting Tries to find. In a new room. Billionaire investor Thomas S. Kaplan, Which when tallying how many Rembrandts he owns, recalls a kiss as soon as he had the legal right to do so.

There is no question that Six has a sharp eye (Rembrandt expert Ernst van de Warming finally signs off on the discovery), but what is more suggestive is that the painting is “in-the-face” Rembrandt . Can anyone be so sure? This bloodline art dealer may have been primed to see Rembrandt everywhere But Huguendijk takes his subjects at face value to a large extent. While “My Rembrandt” presents intoxicating questions about the difference between acquisition and acclaim, it mostly plays like a straight-up art-world documentary that itself benefited from a more vertical, obsessive approach.

My Rembrandt
Not rated. In English, Dutch and French with subtitles. Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes. Watch through the Virtual Cinema of Film Forum.

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