Review of ’69: The Battle of Danny Hernandez: A Soundcloud-Rap Rat

“69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez,” A. New hulu documentary About the extremely popular and wildly provocative rapper Tekashi69, features interviews with many close to the subject: his next-door neighbor, his longtime girlfriend, his enchanted father, his record producer, even his Former character.

This in itself does not feature an interview with Tekashi69, but it hardly seems significant – as the 24-year-old superstar has spent the better part of the last decade documenting his own life, passing every pass on YouTube, Snapchat Transmits imagination and imagination. And Instagram Live. Director Vikram Gandhi defends himself from the social media output of the rapper, turning it into source material. So when Tekashi69 refused to participate in this film, he is on top of it.

The artists came towards the end of the last decade as part of the musical subgenre SoundCloud Rap, named after the music-sharing site. But as the film makes it clear, it wasn’t the rapper’s music – a catchy combination of hip-hop and hard-core – that made him famous. With her long, rainbow-colored hair, extravagant jewelry, and face-specific tattoos, Tekashi69 made a strong impression before opening her mouth. Or, as one of his former colleagues stated, “Not many of his Instagram followers even know his music.”

There was a sudden rise in fame of Tekashi69. His fall was intensified. Faced with federal firearms and racketeering charges and claimed to cooperate to reduce his sentence, Tekashi69 testified against about a dozen members of the Brooklyn gang Nine Trey Gangsta Blood. Branded a rat, he has since become one of the most widely despised figures in the hip-hop world.

Gandhi’s insight into Tekashi 69’s psyche is limited, and some of his conclusions about the disgraced rapper’s character are bizarre. He acknowledges a sense of “deep sympathy” for his subject, but the film does not mount a particularly compelling defense. Gandhi also proposes that Tekashi69 could be a “story of vigilance” for the relentless pursuit of the clout, and feels closer to the truth – he wanted the attention of the Internet so badly that he preferred to hate Went unnoticed.

69: Saga of Danny Hernandez
Not rated. Running Time: 1 hour 42 minutes. Look at Hulu.

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