Review of ‘The 2021 Oscar Nominated Short Films’: Major Issues in Brief

There is a separate inter-state exchange “A concerto is a conversation,” A piano double on the New York Times op-doc and composer Chris Bowers (“Green Book,” which he scored) directed by Ben Proudfoot.

Bowers describes a consent form as a conversation between a single and an ensemble. At the premiere of what he wrote, he interviewed his grandfather. Jim Crow-era Bascom, settled in Los Angeles, Fla. He built a successful business by obtaining mail-in loans. (When he applies in person, he says, he will be denied it because of his skin color.) The film frames the men alternately speaking into the camera: they talk directly to us, Have been, since. heart.

Journalist Anders Hammer is the most action-packed entry “Do not split,” Which captures the 2019 protests in Hong Kong from within the captive. The film tells the protesters about their inspirations and shows them in action with a camera amidst tear gas and flames. (A pulsing, “Tennat” -like score unnecessarily embellishes.) Images of protesters wearing face masks to protect their identities unexpectedly spark an epidemic, which comes to an end in a relaxed manner: the streets , Once filled with protesters, sits down in seclusion.

“Hunger Ward” Two heroic medical men, looking at both women, draw attention to the threat of famine in Yemen: Ada Hussain Alsadik, a doctor, and Mekia Mahdi, a nurse who does her best to survive and raise the spirits of malnourished children. Perform.

But the most stylistic daring nominee is “A love song for Latasha” (on Netflix), From the experimental documentary Sophia Nahli Allison. Latasha is the death of 15-year-old Latasha Harlins in 1991 in Los Angeles. His displeasure at carrying groceries It is cited as a factor in the 1992 riots.

Hardly pure in his approach to nonfiction, the film mixes interviews and produced footage. Employing a variety of scene modes, it at times adopts the form of a VHS camcorder. When Tasha’s friend Tybee O’Bird shares Learned Memories of Death, “Love Song” makes a gruesome shift in abstract animation. It is an adventure gamble for a documentary, and unexpectedly enough that it can portray a winner. Ben kennigber

2021 Oscar nominated short films
Not rated. English and many other languages ​​with subtitles. In theaters and On virtual cinema. Please consult guidelines Outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before watching the film inside theaters.

Running time:

Live Action: 2 hours 10 minutes

Animated: 1 hour 39 minutes

Documentary: 2 hours 16 minutes

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