Sophia Lauren returns in her son’s Netflix film ‘The Life Ahead’

Is aging a conscious concern for you?

If you accept the aging process and live in the present, you gracefully.

youve said that you admire Daniel Day-Lewis very much, with whom you starred in “Nine”. ” now He is retired, who is your favorite contemporary actor or actress?

I still like him very much, whether he works again or not! He is a great actor and always commendable. I also like Meryl Streep! She is an excellent actress.

What would you recommend to a young actress?

There is nothing you can say. If you decide you want to be an actress, because this is something you love, then you have to do what your mind teaches you, to put yourself in a situation where you are just an actress As they think about their lives. Then you will see if you get married or not. Life is not the only thing; It’s a lot of things, and sometimes a lot of things at once.

Do you review your movies?

I rate myself very harshly, so it is best not to watch my films directly. Sometimes I run out of curiosity, if any of my films are on TV, or maybe with my children, because they probably did not watch movies that I made a long time ago. And sometimes, so many years have passed that looking at yourself is like searching for a different person. It is an interesting experience. I like it

Are there performances you are particularly proud of?

My role in “Two Women” means a lot to me [she won an Oscar in 1962 for this De Sica film in which she played a struggling single mother during World War II], But I also played in “A Special Day” [as a homemaker who becomes more compassionate after she learns that her neighbor is gay]. It all depends on the story, and on the completeness of great directors like De Cica. I loved working with him, as well as doing films with Marcello Mastroiani.

Do you want to continue acting?

If I like acting, why should I stop?

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