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Canadian actor Christopher Plummer, Who died on 5 February at 91, Made his first appearance on the Broadway stage and in Hollywood films in the 1950s, when he was also in his 20s. He did unforgettable work in film, theater and television, including Oscar-, Emmy- and Tony-winning performances.

Originally introduced to the public as an iconic figure in Lawrence Olivier and James Mason’s classical English mold, Plummer played a number of roles – from adventure heroes to villainous creeps – and would get his greatest success in supporting parts. In his later years in particular, Plummer was particular in bringing a sense of depth and weight to characters who sometimes appeared on-screen for only a handful of scenes. He needed only a few minutes to leave a lasting impression.

Here are 10 of Plummer’s best roles, available for all streams:

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Plummer focused his creative attention in the US and the UK, while occasionally dubbing into television and cinema. He then played an Austrian naval officer and played the widow’s father in the film version of the musical “The Sound of Music” and became a Bollywood Fide film star. In the decades that followed, Plummer would sometimes dismiss the film as one of his biggest box office hits, Boxing and Simple. But the picture is endearing for many reasons, one of which is the rich romantic chemistry between its lead actors: Julie Andrews as a headstrong governance, and Plummer as a heart-breaking grocery, which melts when it comes to its Teaches children to sing.

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Plummer became the oldest actor ever to win an Academy Award when he took his first Oscar at 82 for writer-director Mike Mills’ semi-autobiographical drama “Beginners”. He plays the character of Hale, a septuagenarian who appears gayly and later solidifies his bond with his assorted middle-aged son Oliver (Evan McGregor), a man of radical integrity. Learns a lot from hugs. At once gently funny and manipulative, it is a film about how people influence each other’s lives.

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Plummer was proud of his Canadian roots, and although he worked all over the world, he often returned to making films with some of the best filmmakers in his country. In the cult favorite “The Silent Partner”, he plays the role of a ruthless thief, who strikes with a destroyer bank teller (Elliot Gould), followed by a stab. Director Daryl Duke focuses primarily on Taylor, applying pressure from the periphery, considering Plummer’s master criminal as a shadowy force of evil. The actor leans into the act, protecting the performance from danger.

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Another respected Canadian director, Bob Clarke, directed Plummer through his melodic roles, playing the role of Sherlock Holmes in a film about Jack’s The Ripper murders. James Mason dr. Watson plays the part, while Donald Sutherland plays the real-life medium Robert Lees, who claimed to have solved the case mentally. But the star of the show is definitely Plummer’s, which explains strongly about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth, but also gives the character a slightly blissful bounce whenever he comes to knock someone out.

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One of Plummer’s most useful tools was his voice as an artist: deep and resonating, with just enough rasp to add a slight edge. He was in demand as a voice-over artist for documentaries and commercials; And he brought excitement to many classic animated films, including “Up” and “My Dog Tulip”. His first turn in a cartoon was a charmingly cute, playing the character of a French pigeon who encourages the hero to follow his dreams by singing Can Ditti “Never Say Never”. It is a refreshing light performance from Plummer, evoking the spirit of his showman.

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In a docudrama about how tobacco industry attorneys put “60 Minutes” pressure on CBS producers, “Plummer plays reporter Mike Wallace, known for his doggy interview style and fear. Actor A Wallace Impression Does not attempt to. Instead he accepts the contradictions of a famous journalist who believes in the pursuit of truth, but is also afraid of losing corporate sponsorship. Plummer, with his deep insecurities, takes on Wallace’s natural charisma. Grabs it.

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In one of Plummer’s final appearances, he plays the role of a popular mystery novelist whose accidental death causes problems for his greedy, scheming family. Plummer’s character Harlan Thrombe appears only in flashbacks, but his friendship with his nurse Marta (Ana de Aramas) – and his deep understanding of the failures of his successors – make writer-director Hrithik Johnson’s clever murder plot real. Heat and fill with both helps. Fast point of view. Harlan is so understanding and so kind that viewers will believe what he said.

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Plummer saw one of the 11 Emmy nominations earned by this popular TV mini-series adaptation of Plummer McLeaf’s novel. (He lost the “Outstanding Supporting Actor” award to his cast, Richard Kelly.) Reunited with Duke, who directed “The Silent Partner”, Plummer plays a very different kind of character: a higher class. Catholic Church official who mentions a. The young priest (Richard Chamberlain) struggled with the will of a woman (Rachel Ward) on an Australian farm. The elder archbishop has a small but important part to play in this religious saga, which serves as the voice of conscience and compassion for a person in spiritual crisis.

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He had his first film from 2010 to 52 years later – writer-director Michael Hoffman’s Jay Parini novel “The Last Station.” Plummer won his first Oscar nomination to play Tolstoy in the film. The story is set during the final year of the Russian writer’s life, and mostly concerns whether his wife Sophia (Helen Mirren) had a fight with her husband’s devotees whether her work should fall into the public domain. Though he is at the center of intrigue, Plummer’s Tolstoy remains a fascinating enigma, enjoying the furious logic around him that recalls many of the themes of his work.

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Plummer brings in some Shakespearian brio, which may be his best spoiled role, as the one-eyed Klingon general Chang. One of the great “Star Trek” nemeses, Chang advances his peace talks by taking advantage of a moment of mercy from his sworn enemies, and gives the Federation and Starship Enterprise one of their toughest trials. Between Chang’s sinister monologue and his ruthless torture, Plummer makes the villain fun.

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