The Golden Globes celebrated Sia’s ‘music’. They are not autistic activists.

Critics have also taken issue with two scenes showing the music as a meltdown and being subject to moderation, a practice in which, Often inefficient, Are put in a facing position while force is used to subdue them. Versions of the method have been linked to serious injuries And death. But when a saintly neighbor, played by Leslie Odom Jr., pauses the music, he is portrayed as kindness: he lies over her and says he is “crushing her with love”. Later, in a public park, he instructed Xue how to use restraint on music.

“It really shows that a project about autism will be hollow and won’t meet our needs – and may even be harmful to us – if we’re not helping tell the story,” Joey Gross, director of advocacy at the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, said. “It’s something that can kill people.”

In an emailed statement, Odom said, “When we make something or when we sign up to help someone with whom we do something, our hope is always that work is a conversation Is the beginning. Filmmakers make art, but we do not get to decide or decide the content or parameters of the upcoming conversation. The second half of the conversation about this work has just begun. I am listening.”

Earlier this month, after the news that “Music” was nominated for two Golden Globes (Best Musical or Comedy, and Best Actress for Hudson), three advocacy organizations – Gross Network, CommunicationFirst and Alliance Against Security and Restaurants – Attended this issue An open letter Expressing “serious concerns” about the restraint scenes and called for the film to be pulled from release.

The letter mentions that “a committee of nonsense and autistic people” was invited to screen the film and provide feedback at the end of January, and the filmmaker failed to “respond and address” their recommendations “Were, in which the prone restraint was completely cut off.

Hours after the nomination, Sia tweeted an apology saying that her “research was clearly not entirely adequate” and that she “listened to the wrong people.” The star who soon deactivated her Twitter account It was announced that a warning will be added The film states that it “does not in any way recommend the use of condoms or restraint on autistic people” and said those scenes would be removed from “all future printing”. Those scenes remained in a screw provided to a New York Times critic reviewing the film.

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