Which movie theaters are reopening in New York City? Here is a guide.

Cohen also owns the national series Landmark, which began opening theaters in August. (57 West in Manhattan closed for good during the milestone epidemic, a shattering Cohen attributed to a combination of causes.) Capacity issues in the short term do not distract him. He said, “There are films that need to be delivered to the audience, and we are doing what we can to present those films to the film making community, which we think is important to watch a movie in a theater It is a lot of fun. “

Nevertheless, his other venture, distributor Cohen Media Group, has a backlog of 10 films. Holdup? Waiting for theaters in Los Angeles.

ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE Downtown brooklyn There is no date to reopen the location of the dine-in chain, but it was said by Tim League, founder and executive chairman of the company (separately, the company) in Austin, Tex., “In the very near future ” Will happen. Announced this week that it had filed for Chapter 11 and was undergoing a major financial restructuring, but an Almo spokeswoman said neither reopening date of new theaters in Lower Manhattan and Staten Island Will not affect or affect.)

“We’ve started the process early,” the league said of the Brooklyn location. “It is a bit more complicated for us because we have a bigger kitchen facility. We have a lot of work to do, and we have implemented some security protocols. “

Almo has opened several of its locations nationwide since the theater closed last March, and has posted guidelines for filmmakers Online. The union said that there has not been much change in the number of patrons who arrange food, but there have been some changes in service. Theaters have a small menu for kitchen staff to maintain social distance. Food can be ordered online in advance; Pint Glass now has paper lid and silverware seal. Regarding staff training, the league said, “We are behaving like opening a new venue every time we do this.”

Ancient movie The city’s major pilot-film venue, Located in East Village, There is no fixed date to reopen. “We’re going to slow it down and adopt a way of waiting and watching,” said theater programmer Zad Ruffogel. And availability of vaccines. “I think the first thing that would most likely happen would be a screening a week or a pair screening a week.”

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