Will ‘Manc’ Be Netflix’s First Best-Picture Winner?

“Citizen Kane” has cast a huge cinematic shadow for nearly eight decades, one of the countless lists of the greatest films of all time.

And somehow, it won only one Academy Award.

Although Orson Welles’ directorial debut at the 1942 Oscars ceremony was surprisingly low, where John Ford’s “How Green Was My Valley” received trophies for Best Picture and Best Director, a thing “Citizen Kane” didn’t recognize. – Its Screenplay – The subject of Netflix’s stunning new film “Manak” directed by David Fincher.

Can’t “Manc” manage “Citizen Kane” to those two top Oscars? In a pandemic awards season, it has the eye of a potential juggler.

Following a limited theatrical release on December 13, due on December 4 on Netflix, “Mank” tells the story of Hollywood writer Herman Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman), who has been tasked by Wundrick Wells to dress up as “Citizen Kane” . For Mankiewicz, this screenplay job would involve some burnt bridges, as revealed by “Ken” businessman William Randolph Hearst, who Mankiewicz knows very well.

As the film points out, years ago, Mankiewicz was accustomed to Hurts’ fabulous parties, where the screenwriter branded Bone Mats and had a relationship with Marian Davis (Amanda Seyfried), Hearst’s much younger mistress. But due to drinking and disillusionment, Mankiewicz fell out of favor with Hearst – and Hollywood too. Can he capitalize on Wales’ offer and redeem himself by writing his greatest work?

Despite his singles win, “Citizen Kane” still managed nine Oscar nominations, and I have high hopes for “Manc” at least. With major action spectaculars and blockbuster theater releases in a year, “Munk” has the opportunity to cut a wide swath through technical categories, notching up for its high-end production design, editing and costumes.

After shooting an episode of Fincher’s Netflix show “Mindhunter”, cinematographer Eric Messersmidt can win for Black and White Photography in his illustrious first Oscar race to recall Hollywood’s golden period. (The last Black and White film to win in the category was another Netflix contender, “Roma,” in 2019.) And the period-raising monaural sound could also catch Oscar’s ear, as Trent Rezner and Atticus swing to Score can score. Ross, even though the pair will probably compete against their own work in “Soul”, inspired by Pixar’s music.

Fincher’s father, Jack, wrote the screenplay for “Manc”, but died in 2003, until his son eventually mounts the film. It would be the big screencher’s only screen credit, and with its wall-to-wall witticism, it is a sure bet to secure a posthumous Oscar nomination.

The best-actor race is packed with major performances this year, from Chadwick Boseman’s final role in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” Anthony Hopkins’s dementia drama “The Father.” Still, it is expected that Oldman, who will win again to play the role of Churchill in “Darkest Hour” in 2018. I’m more excited about recognition for the first time in the supporting-actress category for Seafred, who is surprisingly canny as Davis.

With other races airing on its sail, “Munk” is a lock to be nominated in the best-picture and best-director categories. Can it win either, or both?

The director’s race is best suited for Fincher, one of Hollywood’s best-known directors, who has twice been nominated for “The Social Network” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” – but never won. A grand film set in its own backyard seems like something that Oscar voters just go to the last mile, though navel-gazing content is no longer a guarantee: a recent show business like Quent Tarantino’s The best contenders about, “Once Upon” Once Upon a Timeā€¦ in Hollywood “and Bradley Cooper’s” A Star Is Born “, still passed in the final minutes of the Oscars.

That said, the director’s race is often to reward the most technically accomplished feats, and “Munk” is an expensive autism work from a famously accurate director. Unless the academy is in favor of doing something smaller this year – say, to free Chloe Zhao’s more intimate and “nomateland” – it looks like Fincher’s loser.

Only last year, Alfonso Cuern’s “Roma” won the best-director race, besides the Oscars for cinematography and foreign-language film, but still fell in the “Green Book” in the best-picture category. Many believe the victory for an anti-streaming firewall within the academy, but have attitudes changed in the meantime to allow “Manc” Netflix to win its first Best Picture Oscar?

Those holdouts may have no other option. Although most studios are playing this season as safe, the only contender is Netflix. Keeps well with options This year, Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods”, Aaron Sorkin’s “The Trial of the Chicago 7”, and George C. Wolff’s “Ma Raine’s Black Bottom”, such as Ron Howard’s “Hillbilly Allegi” and George Clooney’s “Midnight Sky.”

It is possible that the majority of nominees from all six top categories – four acting races, as well as director and picture – may have come from Netflix alone. In a season where some academy members are likely to set foot in the theater, it ultimately makes sense for a streaming service.

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