2020 Masters: Tiger Woods 3 shots away from Paul Casey’s lead

Augista, Ga. – At least when he played his 87th round at least Masters, Tiger Woods piled up Augusta National Golf Club on Thursday, searching for his favorite recliner, foot stool and coaster, with someone in his hand rushing through his living room for a cool drink. Shot by shot, the path was so familiar that he could negotiate it in the dark.

Because Woods has won the tournament five times and has been A Masters Fixture For the past 25 years, it is possible that he has played the golf course under those circumstances. And probably still broke.

After Thursday’s first-round game, Woods, the reigning champion, was not the leader, which delayed a nearly three-hour thunderstorm, leaving dozens of golfers unable to complete their seasons. With a four-under-par 68, Woods was tied for fourth and quietly three strokes behind leader Paul Casey.

But Woods’ commanding round was the most vigorous statement of the day. It has been an up-and-down year for Woods, but he was composed on this day and virtually never out of position on the satanic Augusta National layout. It almost looked like he was on cruise control, as if he could coast in 68.

“I did everything well today,” Woods, who is not prone to self-congratulation, said after his round.

Every other veteran contender in the field knows the history of the Masters when Woods has a good opening round. It is not true that he has won 70 or better shots in the first round every time. However, this has happened four times. He has severely protested on three other occasions when he has equalized two strokes or more after the first day, twice finishing fourth and once sixth.

When Woods was asked if he was surprised by how well he played his disproportionate performance during this season, he was shocked.

“Understanding how to play this golf course is good to play here.” “It’s very familiar.”

He knows the area; He could also find the television remote in the darkness of his living room.

Unlike everything else that happened during Woods’ static drama, there was a stark smash Participated in the first Masters round in November. The treacherous greens were usually wet and slow, with the spring floral color disappearing and coronovirus epidemics absent absent galleries and nothing more common.

“There were a lot of differences today,” Woods said. “A drone was flying over the green. You don’t listen to drones here. There were no patrons, there was no roar. Today long ago. It has been this way all year. “

Many players had the same meaning of being recognizable, yet replaced, place. Xander Schauffele scored a stunning 67 to end the day in a tie for the second day with Weber Simpson, but he was unsure of what to make of his round.

“A lot of it felt wrong, in all honesty,” Schaffel said. “The greens are really soft, so there is not much to fear. It was really strange. You will play short breaks on the put and hit it vigorously, which you will never do here.

Casey, who has five top-10 finishes in the previous 13 Masters productions, produced an eagle on the second hole with an approach shot that he expected to end up in the green.

Casey said, “I hit a 6-iron with a left-handed pin at number 2 and you can’t hit that shot.” “Today, it just pitched and stopped immediately. In April, it will be forestalled as a patron. I might make three, not five. “

But when it comes to entertaining, unexpected moments in this first round of Masters, it will be hard to beat the high-pitched eyes of seven golfers, caddis and officials looking for Bryson DeChambo’s wayward ball.

After starting his round at the 10th hole, DeChambeau hit his tee shot at number 13 and attempted a delicate recovery. Instead, he slammed his ball badly and it was buried in the bushes behind Hare. Then, if they did not get that ball, DeKambo hit a provisional shot, which, along with the green, landed in Rai’s Creek.

“I was really worried about finding that ball,” DeChambeau said, Who entered the tournament as a favorite. “I would have made a bad number if I hadn’t got it.”

After finding the ball, he disqualified it and had to fall down a steep slope. He then applied a dice chip and finished with a double-bogey. DeChambeau held an impressive rally to finish their round in two-round par and remain in the title chase. But his blatant drive, which was Hope to beat Augusta National, Being a factor on only a few holes. Also, he did not use the 48 inch driver – the longest allowed – that he was using.

“My driving was not great,” DeChambeau said. “You know, this place can turn back if you make mistakes. But I am very happy with the patience I showed today.”

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