Alex Cora repeatedly apologized for his part in the Astros scandal

It changed a lot in the last 10 months. The owners said the decision to recreate Cora was made by Red Sox president of baseball operations Chaim Bloom, but Kennedy made it clear on Tuesday that it was also in favor of ownership.

“We’re very pleased with the results, seeing how excited we are to have Alex back,” Kennedy said.

A year ago, Bloom, who lived in Boston, worked with Cora only a few months. He had interviewed several candidates to replace interim manager Ron Renicke, but determined – after a lengthy interview process that Cora described as “intense” and “difficult” – that the former manager would withdraw Was the right person for

“We all know him as a brilliant baseball mind who can lead and who can inspire anyone in the game,” Bloom quoted Cora as saying. “He has shown that he can get the best out of the players, and we are looking forward to a really bright future with him.”

Cora was originally hired for the 2017 championship by Boston after helping Astro in legal and illegal ways. The following year, Boston won the title. An investigation by the MLB this year determined that Cora did not bring similar illegal tactics to Boston, nor did she see anything on the scale of what she had done in Houston.

On Tuesday, Cora was asked why she did not cheat again because it was the first time she worked. Cora admitted that he was afraid of trying a similar system. He said that there were substantial allegations of fraud (in fact, Some Red Sox players were found to be illegally using the Apple Watch to signal theft. Against the Yankees in 2017) to motivate him to proceed with caution.

During spring training in 2018, there were warnings by MLB officials and, Cora said, from Red Sox officials, including former general manager Dave Dombrovsky, that cheating would not be tolerated.

“They drove me through it,” Cora said, her response being “Wow, I better not even try to do something like that.”

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