Can Arnold Palmer leave legacy signs behind Tiger Woods

Orlando, Fla. – In the fashion of someone born in 1929, Arnold Palmer valued a certain composition, such as men taking off their hats when they went indoors. Rory McElroy, born in 1989, first played at the famed Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2015 and watched with little surprise, as the het protocol was politely applied in the players’ dining room, sometimes by the smiling Palmer.

“I really came to like it,” McElroy said, adding that even after etiquette, Palmer’s honor was practiced at the event, Died in 2016. “It’s one of the ways that you still feel Arn’s legacy and presence.”

A week ago, after Tiger Woods Serious injuries in a car accident, Woods’ legacy and presence was widespread on the PGA Tour. In the Arnold Palmer tournament this week, which Woods has won eight times, the link between the two golfing legends seems stronger than ever, perhaps in a way that could shape Woods’ standing in the game going forward. .

After the first round on Thursday, McElroy and Corey Connors were tied for a six-under par.

Still in Woods’ mind, many players have formed ties, familiar enough that Palmer’s influence on golf and international culture was reiterated by Woods 40 years later. “Of course, Arnie was and should be a role model for all professional golfers,” Jordan Spieth said on Wednesday.

Sam Saunders, Palmer’s grandson, who has played on the PGA Tour, said he believed his grandfather had formed the grounds for Woods to meet later, and the annual attendance Today’s top golfer The Palmer Invitational had become a way “for them to remember that Arnold Palmer started it.”

Saunders said: “We are not doing what we are doing right now, it was not to bring the game to television and make it popular, making it a game for everyone. They started it, by Tiger It has continued, and the way many great players have added it. “

A younger generation of pro golfers revel in the Palmer lore at Bay Hill, the tournament venue. Near the first tee, they take pictures next to the golfer’s bronze statue, which captures through its distinctive, powerful follow. Spieth visited Palmer’s museum-like office on Wednesday. Two years ago, rising star Victor Hovland, then 21, was directed around the field by Palmer’s longtime assistant Doc Giffin.

With Howland having more time, she probably learned how Palmer ran, due to her blue-collar, Western Pennsylvania roots, had rewarded golf from her country-club origins and, for the first time, made the game cool. Had given. Palmer had charisma, dressed with pizzas, played with white-hot spirit and hit avocatic poses posing for a television camera. Palmer’s life Became a 20th-century American story as he launched several affluent companies, earned scores of corporate endorsements and branded himself worldwide – all as a golfer who last won the PGA Tour event in 1973.

Palmer also strayed gracefully from his designated lane. More than a dozen PGA Tour players who live near Orlando commented this week that their children were born at the Vinny Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, named Arnold’s wife, about 50 years old. It is across the street from the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

It is likely that millions of people around the world know Arnold Palmer not for his golf but his reasons. Popular soft drinks, A tea combined with lemonade, that bears its name. In the end, he probably enjoyed his position as the dearest, wisest elderly, constantly approached by pro golfers – young and experienced – who knew that someone like Arnold Palmer was successful in golf and Was not successful.

It is in all of these ways how Palmer’s life after his playing career can serve as an example for Tiger Woods, which, if he chooses, can profoundly affect golf for decades to come. Woods has already taken a number of steps to do this in modern ways, consistent with his specific interests and causes.

But as Woods watches the Palmer Invitational this weekend – and his social media accounts made it clear that he was watching the PGA Tour last weekend – a tribute to Palmer’s nearly lifelong leadership role in golf It will be easy to give. Woods, similarly a statue to the current generation of players, was the platform for Palmer golfers who came after him to create a similar legacy. The two had a cordial relationship, and Palmer knows a lot about the path he deliberately chose.

And it appears that he already knows his manners. Of Woods’ eight victories at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the most notable was when he came round. Put 24-footT. on the final hole to win the 2008 tournament. Woods’ response to making that moment memorable was perhaps the most memorable: perhaps hoping to get back to the clubhouse, he grabbed his hat and dropped it on the ground.

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