Charlie Collier of Texas honors his lost father with Resilience

Collier was always athletic, his mother said. To release her plentiful energy, her parents put her into gymnastics as a toddler.

“It was game time, it was fun, but she tried to be the best at whatever she was trying to do, like her blinks, she just kept going, ‘I have to get this right, this goal- Goal, what does a round look like? ”Said Ponda Collier.

Eventually, though, Charlie grew too long for gymnastics and turned to sports, both his parents had played in college – his mother at Southwestern University and his father at Eastern Montana College.

When Charlie’s recruitment letters began to pile up, Elliot Collier handled them, talking to coaches around the country, Ponda Collier said, until both parents tried to preserve their childhood.

When her daughter was a sophomore in high school, Elliot Collier learned that she had lung and liver cancer. Charlie said that he had to start preparing for life without her.

“It overshadowed them,” Ponda Collier said of her two children. “But I really feel that his strength was the way he was. He was getting very strong through all of this, and they kept trying to cheer him up, so he got some good news.”

A few weeks before he died, Elliot Collier read his invitation to Charlie to try out for the under-17 women’s national team from his hospital bed, and he radiated with pride and was drafted in the No. 1 draft at the WNBA, Ponda Were imagining as pick. Collier said. He died on 4 April 2016 at the age of 53.

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