Despite the uncertainty, the Tokyo Olympics was promoted as the Light of Pandemic Tunnel

Alan Dizdarevic, whose company, CoSport, handles Olympic ticket sales for the United States, Australia and six other countries, said that although Tokyo organizers offered refunds early in the epidemic, most of those who bought bought less. Decided to keep something less than. them.

Cosport does not release specific figures, but, Didarevic said: “After returns and new purchases at this point, the number of viewers who are holding tickets for Tokyo 2020, the countries from which we sell tickets, was previously Slightly less than that. Epidemic. However, as long as conditions allow, we expect the US to have a stronger performance, with the number of Americans participating in Tokyo 2020, 2016 and London 2012. Is likely to eclipse. “

Michael Lynch, who previously led Visa’s global sponsorship events and lived with several Olympic sponsors, said the companies still hoped they would be able to bring hundreds of customers and clients to the Games.

“Smart people have extensive contingency plans,” Lynch said. “Bach is saying the right word so there is a sense of optimism in the sponsoring community.”

Optimism, however, can only go so far, especially in the United States, which typically takes more than 500 athletes to the Games.

Sports leaders in the United States and elsewhere are following several alternative plans based on a series of scenarios. Some options include immediately placing an athlete who qualifies for the Olympics in a controlled environment, although this would be difficult for track and field athletes, who typically compete in Europe in the weeks leading up to the Olympics.

Other plans may require the Olympic Trial participant to be cut. Some 2,000 swimmers typically participate in them, even if there are no more than about 75 to 100, mostly, a realistic chance to make the team.

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