‘Emotional’ Breeders’ Cup win for John Velazquez

John Velzczek determined to realize a vision on Saturday afternoon with authenticity as well as confidence. Her mother-in-law told her that she had a good feeling about the $ 6 million Breeders’ Cup Classic. He and his calf told him, he was going to win a race that had knocked him out 19 times already.

Velazquez is a Hall of Famer. in September, He won his third Kentucky Derby with Authentic. And of course, he wanted to add the marquee event of America’s richest races and horse racing season-end championships.

But it is not as if he held his breath after crossing the finish line of nearly three lengths ahead of Impressable. Instead, he was thinking of his wife Leona’s mother, Joan O’Brien. O’Brien is racist – Leo O’Brien was a longtime trainer on the New York circuit – and knows his horses. During the coronovirus epidemic, Joan O’Brien is grinding to treat cancer through chemotherapy and maintain both a smile and her hope.

“Told me he seemed to have one,” Velazquez said. “He has a great attitude. He inspired me to do this. With everything and problems with the family, getting to ride a horse is such a gift from God.”

The wins of Velazquez and Authentic provided a rare grace note for one of America’s oldest sports in a low grace year. In the spring, more than 30 people – trainers, veterinarians and others – were indicted on charges brought by federal prosecutors of doping horses. On Friday, in fact, the prosecution won an additional indictment against two trainers at the center of the investigation: Jason Service and Jorge Navarro.

It did not help on Saturday that one of the horses involved in doping cases was at Maximum Protection, Classic Field. The horse, which crossed the finish line in the Kentucky Derby last year, was disqualified 22 minutes later when racing officials decided it interfered with rivals.

At this time, maximum security was in the barn Bob baffert, Also instructor of the authentic. Baffert has gained a hostility to rivals who see him as a fraudster, his drug claims completing 29 drug tests that failed in four decades, including four in those four decades.

The cases take months, if not years, to mostly result in fines or brief suspensions, as Baffert said he did nothing wrong and blamed the results on environmental pollution or human error. Once again, horse racing leaders must protect a culture in which performance-enhancing and pain-relieving drugs, along with Lux state regulations, undermine the sport’s credibility and endanger the wellbeing of animals that define it Huh.

Earlier in the week, facing increasing criticism, Baffert vowed to be more cautious.

“I am aware of many events of this year about my horses and my family, horse racing and the impact it has on me,” Baffert said in a statement. “I want to make a positive impact on the sport of horse racing. Horses have been my life and I sacrifice everything for them and I have been fortunate to be involved in the tremendous sport. “

For Velazquez, Saturday was the 18th time he had visited the winning circle after the Breeders’ Cup race. It was also the most important victory of a long, prestigious career.

“The older I get, the more passionate I become,” said Velzkez. “It did the right thing. Bob asks him to take him further so that he doesn’t get so distracted and wants to run. it worked. He did everything I wanted him to do. “

Pramanik did everything Joan O’Brien envisioned a foal, and her son-in-law.

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