Fans fight in front of test boxing business in epidemic era

Santa Cruz said, “My brother is holding the mites, but it’s still my dad.” “Family always wants the best for you.”

Still, Davis is the A-side of the fight: a fast, elusive power puncture with its compelling back story. His coach Calvin Ford began coaching at a boxing gym in Baltimore after serving a 10-year prison sentence. Davis began training as a grade-schooler with Ford, but the boxer’s circle now includes gurus such as Drake and Floyd Mayweather.

Usually those story lines, and two aggressive fighters, can combine to support ticket and pay-per-view sales. And Davis’ promoters pointed to their string of fights sold out in cities such as Baltimore and Carson, California, as evidence that they needed to open Saturday’s event to paid audiences.

The difference now is that those fights forced limited crowds before the epidemic disrupted the game, and the rare crowd when they were allowed to. San Antonio is in Bexer County, which The average of 201 new coronovirus cases per day over the past two weeks has beenAbout 10 cases per 100,000 residents, but promoters got approval for thousands of fans anyway.

Davis last fought in December, achieving a 12th-round technical failure against Yurikoris Gamboa, a veteran Cuban fighter. Then, events and industries require physical gathering, such as bars and movie theaters, struggling with government restrictions, and The economy has difficulty rebounding.

And the boxed pay-per-view market was already under pressure. A report in February’s heavyweight rematch between Tyson Fury and Donte Wilder bought 850,000 pay-per-views, as well as attracting more than 300,000 online sales. Those figures more than doubled the number purchased for their first fight, but the fight’s co-promoter Bob Arum had nonetheless predicted a decrease of 2 million.

Espinoza admitted that the epidemic changed the domestic budget of boxing fans. The ban on public ceremonies, he said, meant that “all but attention” is usually given to the thriving market for theaters and sports bars. Even the lack of large social gatherings is likely to affect sales.

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