Former Harvard Fencing coach charged with bribery

The former Harvard fencing coach was arrested on Monday on bribery charges and accused by the accused of taking $ 1.5 million from a wealthy businessman in exchange for recruiting the man’s two sons to the university’s fencing team.

Harvard Coach fired, Peter Brand, in 2019, following his own investigation. Businessman Joe “Jack” Zhao, 61, of Potomac, 61, was also arrested for taking bribes.

Federal prosecutors said Mr. Zhao had paid for Mr. Brand’s car, paid college tuition for Koch’s son, paid a mortgage on his home in the Boston suburb, and eventually bought the home for inflated value. After Mr. Brand bought a more expensive residence in Cambridge, prosecutors said, Mr. Zhao paid to renovate it.

There were two men Charged with bribery with federal programs, Which carries a possible sentence of up to five years in prison.

Harvard Started investigating Mr. Brand As of last year, universities across the country scrambled to answer a broad federal investigation into college admissions fraud that raised questions about athletic recruiting and whether coaches essentially enriched themselves by selling recruiting slots is.

The United States Attorney’s Office in Boston charged 50 people in the case, known as Operation Varsity Blues, including eight coaches and 33 guardians, They also include Hollywood celebrities And prominent business people.

Harvard was not directly engaged in the Varsity Blues investigation.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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