Israeli soccer team, infamous for anti-Arab fans, new co-owners: a sheikh

Israeli liberals were skeptical about the country’s normalization deals, yet found a reason to appease the specific turn of the new coalition.

“Beater sales for billions are a clear sign that God exists,” Harez’s diplomatic correspondent, Noa Landau, Wrote on twitter.

However, many Arab commentators jeered.

Sports radio host Saeed Hasnain called the deal “shameful”. He said he opposed any Arab generalizations of Israel, but specifically called the Sheikh’s decision to go into business with the beater, and the team and its supporters “a sinful and dirty horde of racists who hate Arabs” Who were the worst people in society.

Khalid Dokhi, director-general of Israel’s most successful Arab club, the Banni Sakhinin, expressed mixed feelings. “If it leads to changes in racist culture, it will be beneficial,” said Mr. Dokhi, whose team plays in an Arab city. “But if it’s not, it’s a waste of money.”

Sheikh Hamad’s investment appears to be a giant leap that has been a long and often temporary struggle by many team owners to subdue the extreme right-wing fan base of Beater Jerusalem.

Although other clubs have long had Jewish and Arab players who regularly play for the Israeli national football team, the far-flung supporter group of Beitar, La Familia, agitates against such a move, sometimes- Ever violently. The club was regularly punished and handed over stadium restrictions for violent behavior as well as racist spells.

A Nigerian Muslim who joined the team in 2004 was regularly harassed and left after less than a year. In 2005, La Familia objected to reports that Beater might sign Abbas Suan, An Israeli-Arab who starred for Beni Sakhin. When he scored an important goal for Israel in a World Cup qualification match against Ireland, Beater supporters said on a banner, “Abbas Suan, you don’t represent us.”

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