Jacob Degrom Fans Nine in a Row in Mets Split Doubleheader

Denver – Jacob DeGrom struck nine straight batters against Colorado on Saturday, breaking Tom Sewer’s key jump record in a match.

He fell short of the record and almost missed a win.

DeGrom went 4-3 with Rocky to lead the Mets with 14 strikes in the first game of a double gamer.

German Marquez completed a two-hitter for his second career as Rocky won the night game, 7–2, stopping the seven-game streak and the Mets’ four-game winning streak. Josh Fuentes opened the game with a three-run homer in Jacob Barnes’ fifth game.

Dagrom, a two-time winner of the NL Cy Young Award, won with a win on his final pitch, which was the third time and the first time since 2015.

Sewer set a consistent strikeout record against San Diego on April 22, 1970, beating his final 10 batters in 19 strike performances.

“It was good that it was good to arrive, but it fell a little short,” deGrom said with a smile.

After coming off a 14-strike performance in a 3–0 loss to Philadelphia, Degrom became the ninth consecutive pitcher to strike out as many as nine.

“The fastball was the best weapon for him,” Mets manager Luis Rojas said. “Oh! That is the matter. You don’t see that often. You talk about Jake getting better every year and he goes from there, and we’ve talked about the challenge of the season, so it’s a little different. He makes an adjustment and does something special. “

Streak ended in the fifth inning when the Rockies took a 3–1 lead with three unearned runs, but the Mets delayed the rallies a day to win a series opener when pinch-hitter Jonathan Willer gave Daniel Byrd Double blow 0–1) in the seventh inning and a sacrifice fly by Dominic Smith.

Pete Alonso scored in the sixth to pull the Mets within one run.

By winning a seven-inning doublehander opener under the coronovirus protocol, the Mets extended the winning rhythm to four for the first time since 2019. Defeat in the second game.

Degrom (1-0) allowed three unearned runs and three hits over six innings and walked one, reducing his ERA to 0.45.

No further explanation is required. Reds beat Cleveland, 3-2.

Sluggish to begin their AL title defense, the Tampa Bay Rays have found their bearings in the Bronx.

“Kevin Cash said,” This venue can inspire you really quickly.

Manuel Maragot overcame a two-run homer, Tyler Glassov over a cramp and fouled off the pitch in five innings off a one-run ball and held off the struggling Yankees 6-3, Saturday.

The Rays won their second straight match in the series with a 3-8 lead, which improved to 7-8 overall. Tampa Bay are 4–1 against the Yankees this season and 7–1 at Yankee Stadium since the start of 2020. They have won seven straight series against the Yankees, including last year’s division series, and have won 17 of the 22 matches since September 2019. .

“Whatever you are doing before you get here, you better erase it,” Cash said. “Because you have to stay on top of your game to compete here.”

The Yankees fell to the AL-worst 5-9 since their 9–17 start in 1991, according to the Ilyas Sports Bureau, the team’s latest league low for the season. In the Bronx, the Fans again booed the team as they lost their fourth straight match, but the crowd was further halted in a day after some injured baseball and other items on the field, leading the Rays to an 8–2 defeat. .

“I felt that we were very much into the fight today, which is at least a good thing,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. “But we don’t want a moral victory right now.”

Yannick catcher Gary Sanchez, who was thrown with his right hand off a foul ball in the fourth, suffered an injury and was later ruled out in an innings. The club said the X-rays were negative and Sanchez has days with an illusion on his right index and middle fingers.

Limited to three hits from Friday, the Yankees got only one from DJ Lehmahoe and Aaron Hicks in the first six innings. The team gave up seven bases and went 1 for 1 with 7 in scoring position, going 20 for 90 (.222) this season with the men in second or third.

“It really comes down to everybody, when you get punched, how do you get back up,” Aaron Judge said. “Do you get back up and punch a punch, or do you take a while?”

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