John Gathert is dead after human trafficking charges

All Mr. Gederut’s former student, who was abused by Mr. Nassar, Klein said in a statement that Mr. Gederut maintained a “culture of fear” in his gym.

“It was widely known that Gedrat and Nassar were close friends and that it was inappropriate to approach and complain to them about Nassar’s actions,” Ms Klein said.

The arrest and death of Mr. Geddert put even more pressure on USA Gymnastics, the national governing body of gymnastics, to find ways to prevent abuse in sports. Already, the federation is facing a battery of lawsuits brought by Mr. Nassar’s victims and A multilateral agreement that he proposed Was turned down last year. The federation also Undergoing insolvency proceedings since 2018.

Some gymnasts, including Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history and the sport’s top star, said the federation is failing its constituents and continues to do so. Earlier this month, four-time Olympic gold medalist Ms. Byles said in CBS’s “60 Minutes” that she would not allow her daughter, if she ever had one, to participate in the USA Gymnastics event The game is safe because it failed to make it.

“I don’t feel comfortable enough, because they have not taken accountability for their actions and what they have done,” she said. “And they haven’t made us sure it’s not going to happen again.”

Rachel Denhollender, who met with Twisters’ athletes as a gymnast, described the allegations brought against Mr. Gedert as “disgraceful”.

“Dendolander said,” Reality Gathert’s misuse was never a secret. “Geddert could and should have been stopped decades ago.”

Michael Levenson And Shaila Dewan Contributed to reporting.

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