Luis Suarez rediscovered his bite

When the coach and player first spoke on the phone, Simeon detected “energy, hunger, disregard”, which not only characterized Suarez, but also Simeon’s finest characteristics as a player. Most of all, however, Simeon felt that Suarez had something to prove. “He had a desire to show that he was still relevant,” the coach said.

In Madrid the form of Suarez likes to be tempted to re-ignite that internal fire. He always, after all, gave the impression that he is in his best form when he has something to do or rage against someone, whether he is a rival, an authority or, in this case, simply Prakash’s death. “Some did not believe I was still able to play at the top level,” Suarez said this week.

And yet it is possible, assuming that the opposite is true: that Suarez has found himself again not in war, but in peace.

His former international teammate Sebastian Abreu told the Spanish newspaper El País this week that he believed Barcelona, ​​in Suarez’s final year with the club, “ran a campaign where he had a problem with everything Luil had As Louis. ” Suarez, looking from his public comments, seems to agree with that assessment.

With Atletico, by contrast, he has not only faced a coach – as Abreu puts it – “knows full well how to treat a player,” he has also found a club that is “under every circumstance.” Is not blaming Suarez for this, and therefore frees him to enjoy playing football to the fullest. Without a fight to fight the field, he dedicates himself once again to winning them over it Has been able to

Equally importantly, he found himself ready for a team that was willing to offer him support to do so. Just as Atletico has revived Suarez, he has revived Atletico. Simeon had always considered Suarez to be the best pure striker in the world, but he knew that he was no longer able to play on the counterattack, in his mid-30s, as he was with Liverpool in his mid-20s. -20 C.

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