Naomi Osaka wins Australian Open by defeating Jennifer Brady

Melbourne, Australia – Saturday night was not the most uncomfortable moment for Naomi Osaka when she faced an important break point in her first set Australian Open Women’s singles final against Jennifer Brady. Nor was it when she was serving for the match in the second match.

It came two hours after stopping him from a 6-4, 6-3 victory at Rod Laver Arena. At the start of his news conference, Tennis Australia chief Craig Tilley handed Osaka a champagne flute and offered him a toast Her second Australian Open crown And the fourth Grand Slam title.

The 23-year-old Osaka brought the glass to his lips and temporarily took a sip, unsuccessfully trying to keep his expression neutral. She never developed a taste for wine, she explained earlier in the tournament, as she was told as a child that it was bad for her.

“Like it’s ruining your body or your liver,” he said. “Just want to give myself an advantage as long as I can.”

Osaka, the pride of Japan who spent most of her childhood in Florida, was quickly gaining a foothold in the rest of her competition in the deep women’s sport. He has achieved 4 for 4 in the Grand Slam Finals, only one achievement in the Open era Monica Selles Roger Federer on his way to nine overall championships and 20 on his way.

The 23-year-old Grand Slam champion, Osaka said, “It’s a very amazing company.” Serena Williams, The same number of games, seven, mustered by Brady, the 25-year-old in his first major final.

He said, “You can only walk your way.”

Osaka, Joe Won his second United States Open title This past September, half of a Naomi slam. He is unbeaten in his last 21 matches. Her most recent defeat in the individual event came in the third round of the tournament last year when she lost to USA teenager Coco Gough, a defeat that hit Osaka’s mind before she took the court against Brady Jae was fixed as an underdog.

Osaka said referring to Brady, “I am in a position that he is in a position to go to the first slam.” “Of course I know the nerves that come with it. But then I was thinking on the other side, for me, I wonder if I hope to do better because I have been in the first slam final. So actually she had a lot of nerves with him. “

Both players looked nervous in the opening round, with the first player missing and almost two unforced errors for each winner. 4-4 in the first set with Osaka, Brady escaped to Osaka Fort By the time he had opened a piece of daylight at 30-40.

At break point, Osaka missed his first serve, directing a second attempt at Brady’s body and then taking the points with a forehand winner, one of four he recorded in the match. He sealed the opening lead by winning the next two points.

Brady took a 40–15 lead on his serve in the next game, only to be relegated by Osaka when Brady netted a short forehand, making an error that said, “He’s one in ten times or less than expected.” it happens . “

For Osaka, the unapologetic miss showed Brady’s uneasiness.

Osaka said, “My mind just started thinking that she was either really nervous or really under pressure and I should capitalize on that, because I try to win as many games as I can.” I think once a person loses the first set the suspicion starts to subside, so that’s when you really should put your foot on the gas. “

No one in the game is a better pacesetter than Osaka right now, improving 45–1 in Grand Slam matches when he wins the first set. He got a 4–0 lead in 36 minutes to close the match.

“She played really well when he was,” Brady admitted. “He got good shots when he needed them.”

Osaka, whatever Won 2019 australian open, It is called a privilege to be able to play a major tournament given the coronovirus epidemic. “I didn’t play my last Grand Slam with fans, so just this energy really means a lot,” she said, referring to her three-set win over Victoria Azarenka in New York.

Brady, a 25-year-old American, lost to Osaka in a tough bout at the US Open. a member of UCLA’s 2014 National Championship Team, Brady became the first woman with collegiate experience in the finals of the tournament since 1983. She was making her first attempt to win the title since Barbara Jordan of Stanford did so in 1979.

Brady, who was out of the top 50 in early 2020, entered the tournament ranked 24th in the world, and after racing at Melbourne Park, he would move up to 13th.

Third seeded Osaka will move up to number 2 behind Australian Ashley Barty, who fell in the quarterfinal. Osaka, who spent a long period of 2019 at No. 1, said he has not been cured of securing the top position.

Osaka said, “I think I’m in a very good place right now.” He said, “I want to play every match as hard as I can.” If it comes to me being able to be number 1 again, I will embrace it, but I am not really pursuing it. “

The final in Melbourne included a close call with a fourth-round loss en route to Osaka, where he faced Garbani Muguruza and scored two match points in a 6-4, 4-6, 7-5 victory. She was able to play only 18 games in her last three games.

Among active players, only two women have more Grand Slam titles than Osaka: Williams and her sister Venus, with seven. Osaka’s championship is all over the hardcourt, which begins with Win at the 2018 US Open, Where she defeated Serena Williams in straight sets in the final. Osaka said one of his goals this season is to extend his success to other surfaces, starting with clay since the French Open is the next Grand Slam.

“I don’t expect to win all my matches this year,” Osaka said. Tennis players, we go through ups and downs. But for me, I only hope that my volatility will be less this year. “

Osaka’s long-term objective, he said, would be to face an opponent in tennis someday, which prompted him to step into the game.

“To me, that’s the best thing that could ever happen to me,” she said.

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