NBA investigates Kaski Irving Over MaskSchool Party Video

The NBA is investigating whether net guard Kyrie Irving violated the league’s coronavirus protocol because A. Video He was shown on social media on Monday at a crowded indoor party without a mask.

The NBA’s health protocols prohibit players from participating in indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people. If the league determines that Irving has broken these rules, he can be fined 1 / 81.6. $ 33 million annual salary (Over $ 400,000 for each game) He has to miss while quarantining. The length of the quarantine depends on many factors, such as the setting of the breach and how long the player was.

Nets general manager Sean Marks said in a statement that the team was aware of the video, which he described as showing Irving as a “family mob”.

“We are reviewing the circumstances with both Kyrie and the NBA to determine compliance with the Health and Safety Protocol,” Marks said.

Irving’s representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.

It is unclear when and where the gathering took place, but its video complicates aspects of the weather for Irving, who has not played since January 5, calling the team a “personal reason”.

Ahead of last Thursday’s game against Philadelphia, Nets coach Steve Nash said he had not heard from Irving and did not know why he was not playing. Prior to Tuesday night’s game against Denver, Nash declined to say more that the organization was in contact with Irving.

“There’s been communication there, but I think it’s all in the house,” Nash said. “We keep ours, and we try to locate the front of our house in private.”

Asked if he was confident that Irving would return this season, Nash said: “Sure. As I said, right now, I have to focus on coaching this team and getting the best out of them. So I cannot make any predictions about the things outside this building. “

In his statement, Marx said that Irving’s return “remains to be finalized.”

“In the meantime, we will continue to focus on our organizational goals,” Marx said. “When she is ready to do so, Kyari will have an opportunity to address his absence.”

Going into Tuesday’s game against the Nuggets, the Nets were 5-6 for the season, but 4-3 when Irving played. She started with an average of 27.1 points and an average of 6.1 in 50.4 percent shooting from seven matches. The Nets also went a week without Irving co-star Kevin Durant due to the NBA’s health protocol.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden was fined $ 50,000 in the season after attending an indoor party with more than 15 people on December 21, the eve of the season’s start. Irving was also fined $ 25,000 that month for refusing to talk to the media.

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