NBA’s new season schedule begins in December

NBA players temporarily approved the league’s plan to begin the 2020-21 season on Thursday night, December 22, allowing them to report to their teams for training camps in less than a month – Barely seven weeks after the end of the epidemic. Interrupted last season.

The union announced that it had temporarily accepted the scheduling elements of the league’s proposal to begin the 72-game regular season before Christmas, a plan that only two weeks earlier, at the strong urging of NBA’s television partners Was made The provisional approval came in the vote of the league’s 30 player representatives, one from each team.

However, negotiations to lock in the new schedule are likely to continue next week on some outstanding salary-cap and health and safety matters.

The National Basketball Players Association said in a statement, “Negotiations on additional details are ongoing, and the NBPA is confident that the parties will reach agreement on these remaining issues related to the upcoming season”.

The call for the proposed program for the training program has been started from 1 December. The regular season, 10 games less than usual, will then run in mid-July, with the playoffs lasting until July.

The NBA aims to complete the 2020–21 season ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, which are scheduled from 23 July to 20 August 8. This would allow the league to avoid direct competition with the Olympics and set the 2021–22 season return to the NBA’s usual October-through-June pattern. The case is strongly favored by the league’s primary media partners, Disney and Turner, after the collapse of disappointing NBA ratings in a crowded sports landscape over the summer, according to a person who would discuss the matter publicly. Was not authorized.

But there were unresolved conversations about a new array of coronovirus protocols that would be needed as teams plan to play in their home markets instead of restricted-access bubbles, as they did when disrupting the 2019-20 season . The league and the union are still upset about how much players’ salaries will be kept in escrow over the next two seasons.

Each season, 30 NBA teams have to spend about half of the league’s basketball-related income on a player’s salary. The NBA typically puts 10 percent of each player’s salary in escrow until the income has gone up. Money in escrow is used to make a difference for players, if the total payout was too low, or the owners were too low.

The two sides have discussed a plan that will pay for the player’s salary of about 18 percent over the next two seasons in escrow. The rich fear that the escrow amount will be 30 percent or more, with the union insisting on spreading the deduction over several seasons so that players do not feel so intensely in a pinch of pay.

After being the longest in NBA history, league officials have spent the last two weeks predicting that the December plan would reduce projected financial losses related to the coronavirus epidemic by at least $ 500 million in 2020-21. There is still a faction of players who like to start in mid-January to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, but the NBA has prioritized the needs of its television partners in embracing the beginning of December. The league also expects the season to be played in largely empty arenas due to the ongoing epidemic, which will lead to a rapid reduction in revenue.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, who had a six-match series of NBA Finals since October 11, face only a seven-week off-season. In a normal year, final teams have a minimum of three months, but the league is expected to make financial concessions from players and others of those teams to counter pushback, which is the 2019-20 season. I wanted a long break after playing hard. In Bubbles at Walt Disney World.

The opening on December 22 will enable Turner to air as usual on Tuesday nights to mark the start of the season, as well as preserve Disney’s eye-catching five-game slate that is a staple of Christmas Day television offerings has been made. The league, however, has not yet been able to set a date for starting the free agency – which the teams are hoping to start soon after the November 18 draft – or after the February 6 deadline To take a freeze on trades in effect from. .

The NBA and the players’ union faced a Friday deadline to come to terms or allow sides – presumably in this case the owners of the league, to end the current labor agreement and send the league into financial chaos. The deadline was postponed four times since May.

The NBA informed teams and players in recent times that it had lost $ 1.5 billion of projected revenue for the 2019–20 season, largely as a result of epidemic-bound losses. The league says the shortfall was doubled to about $ 3 billion without television money, which was remodeled when the bubble resumed between 30 July and 11 October. The cost of arranging that bubble was an estimated $ 190 million.

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