NFL Week 10 Predictions: Our Picks Against the Spread

The week will offer a gut checkup for some of the season’s most exciting teams and players. The Bills will follow up their huge win over Seattle with a tough test against the Cardinals. The Dolphins will try to keep their hot streak against the Chargers, and Joe Berg of the Bengals will get his first major NFC North Test when he faces the undefeated Steelers. Meanwhile, the Rams, in waiting, will have a chance to steal a portion of the NFC West lead in a matchup with the Seahawks.

Here’s a look at NFL Week 10, with all the picks against the spread. And while you wait for action, be lost with prospects for the next eight weeks Upshot playoff simulator.

Last week’s record: 6-8

Overall Record: 64-66-3

Buffalo Bill in Arizona Cardinals, 4:05 pm, CBS

Row: Cardinals-1 | Total: 56

It is a bit unusual to say the defensive performance of a team that scored 34 points, but the Bills (7-2) were up 27-10 over Seattle in the third quarter last week, before being largely relegated to defense and cruising Was. 44–34 victory.

Despite being allowed, Buffalo sacked Russell Wilson five times, hit him 11 times, pulled two interceptions and recovered two fumbles. Not bad, given that it was facing the MVP candidate who leads the highest scoring offense in the NFL

This week is almost as difficult as a challenge. The Cardinals (5–3) can do a lot of damage, thanks to the running and passing of quarterback Kylar Murray, and if Kenyan Drake can rebound from an ankle injury, he will get a huge lead.

With Buffalo’s Josh Allen perhaps the best game of his career, it was no surprise to those predicting that it would be the highest scoring game of the week. But if the Buffalo defense can perform near the standard set last week, the Bills can walk away with a road win to be proud of. Select: Bill 1

Seattle Seahawk in Los Angeles RAM, 4:25 pm, Fox

Row: Rams-1.5 | Total: Closed

What a beautiful goodbye week for Rama (5-3). He took some rest and watched every other team in the NFC West defeat. They now host the Seahawks (6-2) with a fair chance to get a share of the division lead.

Los Angeles has been more effective than passing, but Seattle’s secondary is so bad that it gives terrible form to every offense – and Jamal Adams, an All-Pro safety team acquired by the Seahawks in the off-season Has been to stabilize, the bulk of the problem. There is every reason to believe the Rams are benefiting in this game, but if Russell Wilson wants to stay in the MVP race, it is the same type of game in which he has to win. Select: Seahawk +1

Los Angeles Chargers at Miami Dolphins, 4:05 pm, CBS

Row: Dolphin-2.5 | Total: ४ Total

The guys on the Dolphins (5-3) team felt that the Chargers (2-6) could be in this season. Not that Los Angeles has been particularly bad, but it’s hard to be enthusiastic about two wins in eight matches. On the other hand, Miami had low expectations, but has been an absolute pleasure to watch on both sides of the ball, and in its current 4–0 stretch, it had a combined score of 129–65.

Quarterbacks Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovelloa were in the same draft class, and appear to be on their way to starring in the league for years to come. For now, Tagovailoa’s team seems far better. Select: Dolphin-2.5

Cincinnati Bengals in Pittsburgh Steelers, 4:25 pm, Fox

Line: Steelers-6.5 | Total: 47.5

Despite being on the Kovid-19 reserve list because of close contact, Ben Roethlisberger is in line to play this week, provided he does not test positive himself. Regardless, he won’t be able to practice all week, which would be a big deal if the Steelers (8-0) faced a more capable defense than the Bengals (2-5-1).

If Rothlisberger is all limited, the Steelers could simply make their way to victory with James Conner. And while quarterback Joe Burrow has a bright future for Cincinnati, he’s not very ready for Pittsburgh. Select: Steelers-6.5

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans, 8:20 pm, Fox, NFL Network and Prime video

Row: Titans-2 | Total: 48.5

The Colts (5-3) don’t have a good defense, they have a great defense. As per every objective measure, Indianapolis is very good against runs and passes. Even in a loss to Baltimore last week, they had Lamar Jackson appear, who ran too much in the game and moved the Ravens’ attack to 2.9 yards.

The Titans (6-2), however, are a test for any defense. He can accelerate his path regardless of the front, leaving Derrick Henry behind, and quarterback Ryan Tannehill is usually a vital mix of productive and efficient. But Tanehill has had a few quiet weeks in a row, and it may not continue until Tennessee wants to stay with the Colts, who should have no problem scoring on the suspect defense of the Titans. Select: Colts +2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers, 1 pm, Fox

Row: Buccaneers -5 | Total: 50.5

The Buccaneers (6-3) are almost certainly not as bad as they looked against New Orleans on Sunday night, but on the heels of a narrow victory over the Giants last week, the loss largely shone. Had taken it. Tom Brady’s first season in Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers have chosen a worse time to contend, as the Panthers (3-6) are scoring goals. Running Christian McCaffrey is not expected to play on Sunday due to a shoulder injury, the team adjusted in recent weeks to take advantage of the versatility of Curtis Samuel, who excelled as a runner and receiver. Samuel’s pairing with wide receivers Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore form a team to intimidate the Panthers, even for a talented young defenseman like Tampa Bay. Select: Panthers +5

Baltimore Ravens in New England Patriots, 8:20 pm, NBC

Line: Revance-7 | Total: 43.5

Both teams are getting away with wins, but both wins may not sit well. The Ravens (6-2) struggled a lot for the win over Indianapolis, while the Patriots (3-5) needed a fourth-quarter comeback to defeat the Patriots Jets. While there have been excerpts of the clash in recent weeks, Baltimore has been exposed in recent weeks as Kansas City’s move one or two steps down in the AFC’s paying order, from the worst teams in the New England NFL Just a few steps up. Select: Ravana–

Denver Broncos in Las Vegas Raiders, 4:05 pm, CBS

Line: Raiders-5 | Total: 51.5

In their final four matches, the Raiders (5–3) defeated Kansas City, were blown up by Tampa Bay, overthrew Cleveland’s high-powered offense and overtook the Chargers. Not a perfect stretch, but if now the season is over enough for Las Vegas for a playoff spot. The Broncos (3-5) may not make the same claim, but they are at least making things exciting, with the team having 21 points in the fourth quarter in each of their last two games.

To keep up with the Raiders, the Broncos will need to find a way to weed out the team’s productivity. Select: Raiders-5

Houston Texans in Cleveland Browns, 1 pm, Fox

Row: Browse-3 | Total: 53.5

Star running back Bruce (5-3), Nick Chubb, is practicing this week, and if he is able to leave, it will be terrible news for the Texans (2-6), who have an unqualified walk. Wala is the defense. While Kareem Hunt has talent, and is a great second choice for Chubb, when the offense goes through Chubb, Cleveland is far less.

Cleveland’s running game can quickly become irrelevant, however, if the countryside Watson and Texas can get off to a quick start against mediocrity. Watson was able to defend Jacksonville last week with long touchdowns from Brandin Cook and Will Fuller, and a few early in the game could take away Brown’s primary advantage. Select: Book 3

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints, 4:25 pm, Fox

Row: Saints-9.5 | Total: 50

It seemed as if Rahm Mostert had a chance to come out of injured reserve to play in this game, but with the 49ers (4-5) lost under the weight of one season due to injuries, a reasonable question became: Why should he do it? A loss to the Saints (6-2) in New Orleans seems all but certain, so Moster decided to sit out the game, giving him a bonus week for the team’s Week 11 by-election, for which he He will have it with full force. A division game against Los Angeles in Week 12.

After New Orleans saw the Buccaneers at full strength on Sunday night, it is hard to believe that the Oddsmakers did not make the spread point too wide in this game. Select: Saints-9.5

Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers, 1 pm, Fox

Line: Packers -12.5 | Total: 51.5

Remember last year when there was concern that coach Matt LaFleur’s offense was relying too much on running back Aaron Jones and that quarterback Aaron Rodgers was being underestimated? Through eight games, Rodgers is passing for 4,506 yards, 48 ​​touchdowns and just four interceptions, and the Packers (6-2) average 31.6 points in a game. This week, the Rogers are facing the Jaguars (1-7), who, according to football’s Outsiders, have the lowest skilled pass defense in the NFL.

How much damage can the Rodgers do at home, against a team that is ineligible? As much as he wants. Select: Packers-12.5

Washington Football Team in Detroit Lions, 1 pm, Fox

Row: Leo-3.5 | Total: 46.5

All it took to get Alex Smith back to start in the NFL was 17 surgeries to his right leg, a transplant of Dwayne Haskins and a serious injury to Kyle Allen (though a less complicated one than Smith). It was an impossible path, but the 36-year-old Smith has battled adversity in his career and lost and won much more.

So where to leave the footballer (2-6)? Certainly they were no worse than they were a week ago when they lost to the wretched Giants, especially when you understand that Washington once outsourced the switch to New York after Allen’s injury.

The Lions (3-5) are playing at home, and unlike last week when he was on the Kovid-19 reserve list, Matthew Stafford would be able to practice. But Smith’s first start in nearly two years can be troubling or inspire someone close. Select: Football Player +3.5

Philadelphia Eagles at Giants, 1 pm, Fox

Line: Eagles-3.5 | Total: 4

The game should be entertaining between NFC East teams as the level of talent is the same. Instead, they are often mistake-filled frustrations in which both teams find new ways to fail. The Eagles (3-4-1) are leading the division, mostly by default, and the Giants (2-7) are hardly likely to challenge, unless the league has several more games in their schedule against Washington The way to connect is not found. But while the Eagles can and should win, the team rarely covers the spread. Select: Heavyweight +3.5

Minnesota Vikings in Chicago Bears, 8:15 pm, ESPN

Row: Vikings-2.5 | Total: 45

In six seasons under coach Mike Zimmer at the helm of the Vikings (3-5), the team has struggled to a 6–19 record in road games against opponents with record wins. This is the situation Minnesota finds themselves in this week, although these Bears (5-4) are very different from your typical winning team.

It is not that Chicago is ineligible. The Bears are very good at defending runs and passes, but the team’s quarterback, Nick Falls, is a wild card who can look spectacular and ineffective – often in the same series. This has caused Chicago to struggle so much that the quality of the team’s defense is often irrelevant.

So when a Minnesota team can score but can’t defend the face of Chicago who can defend but can’t score what will it look like? Maybe a little messed up. But the Vikings have the best player on the field to run back Dalvin Cook, they have played well in five of their last six matches and the Bears have made it very hard to believe them, even at home Too. Select: Vikings-2.5

A quick primer for those not familiar with betting lines: Favorites are listed next to a negative number indicating how many points they must win to cover the spread. For example, the Dolphins -2.5 means Miami must beat Los Angeles by at least 3 points for their supporters to win their bets. Gamblers can also place bets on the total score, or the combined score over or under a wide number of points in the teams’ game.

Goodbye Week: Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Jets

All times are eastern.

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