Phillip Adams, former NFL player, suspect in South Carolina shooting

Officials said the neighbor shot and killed the doctor, the doctor’s wife, and his two grandchildren in Rock Hill, SC.

Authorities said the gunman, Phillip Adams, 32, later shot and killed himself inside his home, after officers tried to negotiate with him. Mr. Adams was a former professional football cornerback who was on a roster of six teams in six seasons in the NFL

Officials said they had given Dr. Robert Leslie was badly shot; His wife, Barbara; And his two grandchildren. The York County Coroner’s Office identified the children as Adah Leslie, 9, and Noah Leslie, 5. Website of a medical office Where the 70-year-old Dr. Leslie said he and his 69-year-old wife have eight granddaughters.

Authorities said Adams also shot 38-year-old James Lewis, an air-conditioning technician who was working outside Lassis’ home. According to York County Sheriff Office officials, a second air-conditioning technician was taken to a hospital with a serious gunshot wound. The technician, whose name was not released, was in “very serious” condition, the sheriff, Kevin R. Tolson, said at a press conference on Thursday.

Sheriff Tolson said there was “no indication” that Mr Adams was on Drs. Leslie was one of the patients, although this was one of the many questions that investigators were trying to answer. He said investigators did not know what the reasons were for the shooting.

“There’s just nothing about this that makes sense for any of us,” Sheriff Tolson said.

A man who identified himself as the father of Mr. Adams Told a television station in Atlanta His son committed the murders and then took his own life.

“I can say that he is a good kid.” He was a good kid. “I think football messed him up. I don’t think he ever did anyone any harm.”

Alonzo Adams stated that he was Drs. Knew Leslie and even his patients were “long ago”.

“I know they were good people at the bottom,” he said. “I don’t know what happened or not. We are going to keep them in our prayers. You all keep us in your prayers. “

Dr. Leslie was a prominent physician in Rock Hill and started a local medical center. He and his wife had lived in the city for 40 years, had four children, and Mayor John Gettys said the First Associate used to sing at the Reformed Presbyterian Church, which was a family friend.

Mr. Getties stated that Drs. Leslie was known for playing the bagpipe and Barbara Leslie had a “beautiful voice”.

He volunteered to help adults with special needs and helped run a camp in North Carolina for the disabled each year. Dr. Leslie practiced medicine in Rock Hill, which has been around 25 miles southwest of Charlotte, NC, since 1981, and according to an expert in emergency medicine, medical office Where did he work

Dr. Leslie was a newspaper and magazine columnist, and also the author of several non-books about emergency medical staff. He said law enforcement officers helped by providing nurses with a place to investigate sexual assault victims.

“Today, everyone is sad, and I think we are going to mourn for some time,” said Mr. Getty, who last saw the couple in church on Sunday. “They were as usual – happy and loving and charming,” he said.

Representative Ralph Norman, a Republican whose district includes Rock Hill, said in a statement that he and his wife, Ellen, were close friends with the text.

“I can’t begin to describe the heartache and pain and feeling I am feeling,” He said on twitter. “To know the Leslie family is to love them.”

The shooting took place around 4:45 pm on Wednesday evening. Sheriff Tolson said Mr. Adams forced his house to move to Lesleys’ house, which is about a quarter of a mile from the house that Mr. Adams shared with his father. When police arrived, the sheriff said, they took Dr. Leslie, Barbara Leslie and two grandchildren were found in a room. All four were hit by gunfire. Mr. Lewis was found outside, he said.

Sheriff Tolson said police were not able to determine whether anything was taken from the home. “We recovered evidence on the scene that had connected Mr. Adams to the area – certainly,” he said, declining to elaborate.

Law enforcement officers obtained a search warrant for Mr. Adams’s home. After trying to negotiate with Mr. Adams, police found him in a bedroom, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot, Sheriff Tolson said.

Sheriff Tolson stated that Mr. Adams used two guns, a .45-caliber and a 9-millimeter. He said there was “no indication” that the guns were obtained illegally.

Mr. Adams was born in South Carolina. He played college football at South Carolina State University and was drafted in the seventh round in 2010 by the San Francisco 49ers. He played all but one game in his rookie season, but then split between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks in 2011. Mr. Adams spent the following two seasons with the Oakland Raiders. In 2012 he Retained two conclusions within a three-game span.

He played his last two seasons with the Jets and the Atlanta Falcons. During his six-year career, He appeared in 78 games. He was also a punt returner, one of the most dangerous roles in football, in three of his six seasons.

It was unclear whether Mr Adams’ relatives would have their brains sent to researchers who could determine if they had Chronic trauma encephalopathy, Degenerative brain disease associated with repeated head trauma. It is associated with mood swings and outbursts.

The diagnosis can only be made posthumously – a process that often takes months – though research by Boston University School of Medicine scientists has shown that memory loss and discomfort are focused, following instructions, and Handling everyday tasks is more useful in predicting CTE than behavioral symptoms.

In a statement read by the sheriff, relatives of the victims said that they are in fact unimaginable.

The family said they know that “there is no answer that will satisfy the question ‘Why?”

Mike ives Contributed to reporting.

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