Shane Bieber and Trevor Bauer Win Say Young Awards

The victory by Bauer and Bieber, both right-handed and first-time winners, underscored the work of small-market Indians. envied pitching development factory.

During the 2018 and 2019 seasons, Cleveland counted Bauer, Bieber and two-time AL Young Award winner Corey Kluber – standouts such as Mike Clevinger and Carlos Carrasco during its inception. The Indians traded Bauer, Klevinger and Kluber over a period of 13 months and also reached the playoffs this year.

Bieber, who eventually earned a scholarship and starred for his college team, was selected by Cleveland in the fourth round of the 2016 draft. Unlike 29-year-old Bauer, who has worked hard since 25 years of high school, velocity has increased over time.

In the farm system of Indians, Bieber enlarged his repertoire and blossomed. In 2020, he threw his mid-90s fastball only 38 percent of the time, one of the lowest rates in the major leagues among starting pitchers as he expertly called it sliders, cutters, curbballs and changeups Mixed.

“His journey has been quite spectacular,” Bauer said.

Bieber scored the biggest flaw of the year: he gave up seven runs in his lone playoff debut, Yankee loss in first round This year’s expanded postman. Votes for the Cy Young Award, however, are taken before the playoffs. (The New York Times does not allow its reporters to vote for the award.)

Following a trend on baseball in recent years, Bieber set A major league record Last season, 14.2 batters were struck per nine innings. However, he only pitched over 77⅓. The previous record holder was Gerrit Cole, now with the Yankees, who had a strike rate of 13.8 per nine innings in 212⅓ innings with the Houston Astro in 2019.

Continuing upward, Bauer finished third in the strike rate (12.3 per nine innings in a career) in 2020, following Bieber and Degrom. Bauer said he used to tease Bieber a lot only for the 2018 Indians rotation that failed to get 200 strikes.

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