Sixers positive virus test challenges NBA’s health protocol

Curry’s rapid tests turned out to be negative, allowing him to remain on the bench with a mask, according to one of the people familiar with the situation. The 76ers received her lab test result, which was positive, and taken to a separate room at the Barclays Center as the play continued. He left the arena separate from the rest of the team.

The Nets were still scheduled to play the Grizzlies on Friday night. Nets coach Steve Nash said prior to the game that he and his players were not “aware” of Curry’s positive coronavirus result since he played the Sixers, but said that since then “talk about it among our team Or the nonsense was quite low. “

On Thursday, Curry was seated in a street clothesline in the Nets in the first row in front of a Philadelphia bench, with assistant coach Sam Cassell on his right and, for parts of the quarter, Philadelphia star center Joel Embiid To their left. .

After the game, Embiid, who recently became a father, Told ESPN He planned to quarantine his family until he was convinced that he did not have the virus.

The Washington Wizards, who played Philadelphia on Wednesday night, are scheduled to play the Celtics in Boston on Friday night. The Celtics announced on Friday that three rotation players – Tristan Thompson, Grant Williams and Robert Williams III – would miss that game due to potential exposure to coronovirus. Other top players in the league have also been in quarantine, including Kevin Durant of the Nets, despite not reporting a positive coronavirus test.

Players are required to quarantine for at least seven days if they come in contact with a person who tests positive. If a player tests positive, they may need to be set aside for at least 10 days. Many players have had to quarantine since the season began on December 22, but only one game has derailed: Houston’s season opener against Oklahoma City was halted on December 23 when the Rockets made the eight-player league Could not meet minimum requirement.

The NBA announced the results of the legwide coronavirus test weekly and said on Thursday that four of the 498 players were tested because it tested positive on December 30. Last week, the league confirmed zero positive tests out of the 495 players announced.

According to the NBA’s protocol, a positive test requires a team to notify any close contact of a confirmed positive case of their status and appropriate next steps, including retiring or quarantine. A player who has tested positive must set aside for at least 10 days or return two consecutive negative tests within at least 24 hours before he or she can step back to play. Is, such as when no other player is present.

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