South Carolina and Stanford Round Out Women’s Finals

San Antonio – Sixth seed Texas cooled off at the worst possible moment, failing to pose a credible threat to South Carolina. Louisville had a clear shot at Stanford, but the top-seeded Cardinal came back – and then some – in the second half.

Stanford and South Carolina, the No. 1 seed in the NCAA women’s basketball tournament field that has earned a fair share of difficulty for the teams at the top, moved to the Final Four on Tuesday night, joining another No. 1 seed, UCinoe For, and third-seeded Arizona.

Stanford claimed the final spot with a 78–63 loss to Louisville in the national semifinals, trailing by 12 points at halftime. South Carolina went on to win 8 rounds with a 62–34 win over Texas.

In a final sign of formlessness after a run at UCLA and Maryland’s upsets, Texas scored 0 points in the fourth quarter – missing all 15 of its shots. The Longhorns shot 23 percent for the game.

Gemex finished its third trip to the national semi-finals from the start and the first since winning the national title in 2017.

“When we knocked out four times this season, they came out strong,” South Carolina coach Don Staley said in a television interview after the game. “And this is a sign of a true champion.”

Dana Evans of Louisville collected 10 of his 24 points in the first quarter, while the Cardinals held Stanford down 28 percent in the first half.

But a 13–0 run by the end of the third quarter put the Cardinals ahead as they began to include Louisville’s top scorer. Then, Stanford ran in the final 10 minutes. Lexie Hull had 21 points and 9 rebounds while Haley Jones had 10 points and 10 rebounds.

Stanford’s Ashton Pritchell, who finished with 16 points and made all six of his shots, opened the fourth quarter with a 3-pointer that boosted Stanford’s confidence and scored a decisive run.

Regarding Louisville’s leadership, Prechtel said, “It was tough not playing in the first half and I was nervous.” At halftime, Prechtel said that Stanford coach Tara OneDuser “ripped us a little bit” and told them they would have to “compete in the second half” if they were to stay in San Antonio.

“Coming out of halftime, there was an insistence on how we were going to play,” said Prechtel.

According to the NCAA, two black women will be the head coaches for the first time in the Final Four: Staley of South Carolina and Adia Barnes of No. 3 Arizona, who will face Yukon in the national semifinals.

Staley quoted athletic directors as saying, “There are a lot of black coaches out there who don’t get the chance, because when Eddie doesn’t watch, they don’t see it.” “They are going to see it in the Final Four on Friday night.”

He said, “Representation matters and there is nothing against anyone else who has lost to us.” “I hope that the decision-makers – because there are so many jobs out there – so that you give black women a chance.”

Staley’s team repeatedly fed Victoria Saxton through the infamous defense of Texas with Zea Cook and Destiny Henderson in the paint. Cook led with 16 points, and added 6 rebellions and 3 assists. Henderson had 12 points and 7 assists, while Saxton had 12 points and 8 rebounds.

The Longhorns briefly came into gear in the third quarter as more and more Texas fans dodged the audience after work hours, stirring cheers and bouncing around the cavernous stadium walls in the Almodom.

Audrey Warren, who led Texas with 13 points, scored two of them – and the team’s three 3-pointers in the third quarter. And at one point, Texas came within 10 points of South Carolina on a second chance by Lario Ebo.

But as close as the Longhorns got after South Carolina gained an early 15 point lead, they scored 14 points from Texas turnovers. Tired and looking at the Dalits after Warren scored his final points in the third quarter, the Longhorns allowed South Carolina to celebrate early with a big run, while they continued to watch their shots bounce off the rim, the final 10. I did not add a single point to my score. – Period of submission.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Cook from South Carolina said, “It was hard for me not to get too excited.”

It was the women’s tournament’s first scorer period since the NCAA’s 2016 move to the quarters. Organization records. ()South Dakota Previously set a record for the lowest scoring quarters in a tournament game with a 1-point period against Oregon in the first round.)

“I thought it was a very good defensive performance, but I also think Texas was a little tired,” Staley said.

“I am always looking forward to playing Vic as per my playing report, my game-planning and my plan,” Staley told reporters on Monday.

Even without an epidemic, Texas went through significant infections this summer when Scheffer took over longtime coach Karen Aston. Players recalled struggling to get to know each other and their coaches during video calls and limited practices, and said that within the controlled environment set up for the tournament helped them bond and peak at just the right time.

It was a relatively quiet night for South Carolina sophistication, including Aaliyah Boston and Texas junior center Charlie Collier, who averaged double-doubles in this tournament and went head-to-head Tuesday night. Boston, which is up for some player awards, had 10 points and 8 rebounds; Collier, who is projected to be the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft, was held to 4 points after missing 8 of 8 shots.

Boston got off to a slow start during the round-of-16 game against Georgia Tech of South Carolina, but picked it up in the second half where it scored 9 points. But in that game, his teammates led Curie on the perimeter with 17 points in a 76–65 victory.

With his powerhouse defense, Texas No. 2 seed was also able to push Maryland to its lowest score of the season 64-61 upset to advance to round 8 8. Restricting the Terrapins’ possessions and forced 11 turnovers.

Fans also helped. The university, located in Austin, is about 80 miles from San Antonio, the hub for the tournament where most of its games have been staged. “I felt our fans provided a great atmosphere for both teams,” Shaffer said on Monday.

South Carolina will play top seed Stanford. Monday night, No. 1-seeded UConn and No. 3-seeded Arizona Squeezed past their opponents To establish other semi-finals. Both semi-finals are scheduled for Friday night.

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