The NCAA crisis shows how Biden Surgeon General Pick navigated the epidemic

The virus was still seen as a problem mainly outside the United States on January 22, when the NCAA board met at a Marriott near Los Angeles. Murthy was a recent addition, an independent member recruited for his medical expertise and then appointed College basketball corruption scandal.

Virus did not come.

But in early March, officials at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis were deeply surprised. Rarely understood virus More foothills were rising across the United States, And a basketball tournament bonanza, which could attract hundreds of thousands of spectators, was coming. Association leaders have a preferred strategy: an advisory group.

The panel, composed mostly of doctors, began meeting twice a week to weigh options for the NCAA tournament, with Murthy so rude that one member did not immediately recognize him as a former surgeon general. Trained as an apprentice, Murthy was not immersed in the complications of infectious diseases and, despite his pact, did not try to dominate the call.

Instead, committee members said, he would normally ask investigative questions.

The chairman of the panel and the NCAA Chief Medical Officer, Drs. Brian Hanline stated that Murthy was often equipped with the latest studies from abroad and was keen to investigate how doctors in the United States might be helped later.

“My clear memory is that it was always a thoughtful presentation and thoughtful analysis and asking what the implications are in our country, given that we are two or three weeks behind what is going on in Europe,” Hanline said said.

An infectious disease specialist from Vanderbilt University, Drs. William Scheffner recalled Murthy has a particular interest in the impact of epidemics and public health decisions on the mental health of students, coaches, and others involved with college sports.

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