Virtual cycling and real cheating: tightening on ‘digital doping’

The athletes – Lizzie Duncombe of Britain and Shani Berger of Israel – were accused of providing manipulative files.

Duncombe has denied cheating; Instead, He wrote on facebook, His bike computer ran out of batteries during the race, which meant that he could not find the entire race file to upload. “I had a file that looked like a warm-up, and it was the only thing I could find, so I sent it,” she wrote.

A friend offered to help him find a complete file, he wrote, but disqualified Zwift after recognizing him that the first file was a warm-up file. The second file he eventually uploaded was an incorrect file, also – at which point, he wrote, he was accused of tampering.

In Berger’s case, the initial problem was that he had added the wrong device (power meter instead of his trainer) to his online race, Jewft wrote. This made him unfit. Berger’s team provided Zwift with additional data from the race to prove Burgers’ results, but those files were manipulated, Zwift concluded.

Berger said that she was still confused about the incident and that she deliberately did no wrong. “I was positive that I connected my trainer,” she said. “I don’t see any reason to connect to my electricity meter. It doesn’t make any sense. I also did a test earlier and sent everything to the director. For the allegations that the files were manipulated, she said she did not know: “I think everything is possible now, but I don’t want to blame anyone, and I don’t have a place to say it.” “

The 19-year-old Berger said he received many hate messages after being banned; She said that she suffers from anxiety and suicidal thoughts. “Ms. Berger strongly and completely denied all of Zwift’s allegations, and is investigating the possibility of taking legal action against Zwift,” her lawyer, Iro Monitz, wrote in an email.

Zwift has stood by its decisions.

But their cases have been discussed in the bicycle community and how competitions are fair and clear for manipulation.

The manufacturer, who writes the Endurance Sports Technology blog, said: ‚ÄúTechnically naught is the reason that someone, whether pro or amateur athlete, should have a secondary device on the handlebar recording the data for their backup. It should be handled in the game. “

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