What we learned from Week 9 of the NFL season

Pittsburgh bounced back from an early deficit to improve 8–0 against Dallas, Kansas City had to sweat a little against Carolina, with Buffalo taking the defenses of Seattle and Baltimore to the team against Indianapolis. There were no major ups and downs on Sunday, but there was great excitement.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Jake Luton may just stick around. Luton, a sixth-round pick in 2020 from Oregon State, had big jorts to fill in Jacksonville when the injured Gardner was subbing in for Minshaw, and when he finally couldn’t bother with Houston, he earned another. Did a lot of things. Start next week. The second pass of Luton’s career went for a 73-yard touchdown to DJ Chark, and with the game on the line in the final two minutes, Luton raced again and worked his way to a 13-yard touchdown that led to 2 Won his team within. Game tying conversion (conversion failed). He threw for 304 yards, making him just the 10th quarterback in NFL history and throwing for 300 or more yards in his first FFL.

    There is no word yet on whether Luton can match as Minshew fashion icon.

  • Pittsburgh is in unchanged territory. The Steelers are one of two teams to win six Super Bowls, have the second-most conference championships and rank fourth in wins in NFL history. But until now, the team had never started the season 8–0. Sunday’s win was far from beautiful, with the Steelers losing in a 13–0 opening bout against lower Dallas. But Ben Roethlisberger threw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, the second of which was tight end Eric Ebron interrupting a defender on his way to the end zone, and Pittsburgh scattered 24-19.

* Except when it takes more.

Bill 44, Seahawk 34 Guess how bad Seattle’s defense has been this season? Despite awarding 44 points – the most allowed by the team in 11 seasons under coach Pete Carroll – the Seahawks have actually done better than they usually do in many measures. The 420 yards he gave were less than 40 per day, the most games he faced per day and seven sacks that were season-high.

Ravens 24, Colts 10 It was a quiet day for the Baltimore offense, with only 266 total yards, but Lamar Jackson’s 9 yards touchdown in the fourth quarter gave the Ravens more than 20 points for the 31st consecutive game. The Ravens broke the previous record of 30 shared with Denver, which had its streak in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Steelers 24, Cowboys 19 Pittsburgh did not score until there was one minute and 10 seconds left in the second quarter, and the game was trailing by just 2:19 remaining in the game, but the Steelers scored another win and, with Dallas, a big Despite the deal, the improvement from the previous week fell to 2-7.

Head 33, Panthers 31 It is very close to the comfort of Kansas City towards the end of the game, thanks to Carolina’s return to firing on all cylinders with Christian McCaffrey, who along with quarterback Teddy Bridgwater and do-everything receiver Curtis Samuel, make Carolina. Danger of scoring in bunches for the rest of the season.

Titans 24, Bear 17 After six matches, Chicago was 5–1 and it seemed almost inevitable that the Beers would be a playoff team. Ultimately, 83 percent of the teams qualified to play playsen to start well in the last 10 seasons, and the Beers would benefit from this season’s extended playoff format. However, after three consecutive defeats, Chicago is 5-4 and in the last 10 seasons such a record has recorded a playoff appearance for only 26.5 percent of the time.

Raiders 31, Chargers 26 Isaiah Johnson should have teammates buying dinner throughout the week as the Las Vegas Cornerbacks broke two passes in the end zone in the final five seconds of the game, either of which would have won the game for Los Angeles.

Dolphins 34, Cardinals 31 In the 2018 final matchup for the Heisman Trophy, Arizona’s Kylar Murray featured another exciting game, but Miami’s Tua Tagoveloa went away with the win. Tagovailoa, who threw for 248 yards and two touchdowns, saw a lot of improvement from early last week, greatly assisting his increasingly ascending team to catch Morena, who passed for 283 yards and three touchdowns during his 106-yard run. Made another score.

Vikings 34, Lions 20 It was a tough day for Detroit, as Matthew Stafford was stopped on consecutive possessions in the third quarter and left the game for concussion evaluation in the fourth, while his team’s defense from Minnesota’s offense was undefeated.

Falcons 34, Broncos 27 Atlanta got a solid win at home, and Matt Ryan One of the pritier 51-yard bombs you’ll ever see for a touchdown., But it’s worth noting that Denver quarterback Drew Locke once pitted against some fourth-quarter magic, 21 points a week after placing the team in fourth place in a one-back win over the Chargers. Took up to. If only Locke could play that way in the other three quarters.

Texas 27, Jaguar 25 Houston is a deeply flawed team, but given the opportunity to exploit Jacksonville’s porous secondary, Deshat Watson did not disappoint, throwing a 57-yard catch and a one-run touchdown to Brandin Cook on his team’s first possession. Full V in the third quarter.

Giants 23, Footballer 20 Daniel Jones has not traded in the game for just the second time in his 22-game career and improved to 4–0 against Washington – he is 1–16 against all other teams in his 21st career debut.

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