A teacher whose class video made him a national sensation from Kovid-19 to 35 years old.

Anyone who worked with Zelene Blancas in El Paso knew him as a teacher whose goal was to spread compassion above everything else. Ms. Blancas, who was born in Texas … Read More

Austria enters its third lockdown. Israel is set to follow suit.

After easing restrictions in mid-December to allow preparations before the Christmas holiday, Austria entered a third lockdown on Saturday, keeping all unprofessional shops and schools closed for three weeks and … Read More

Biden faces long list of foreign challenges, with China No. 1

American relations with china Worst because countries normalized relations four decades ago. America’s allies in Europe Are isolated. Most Important Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Expiring With Russia. Iran is enriching nuclear … Read More

President of Kosovo resigns to fight war crime case in Netherlands

The President of Kosovo, the guerrilla leader during Kosovo’s fight against Serbia, resigned on Thursday in a special international court in the Netherlands to face charges of war crimes and … Read More